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Sascha Grabow

Traveler Community Interview 17.1.17 Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha being interviewed   
Wednesday, 01 February 2017
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          Interview with Sascha Grabow


 For those well-versed in the traveler community, Sascha needs no introduction. One of the

highest ranked travelers, whose knowledge of Africa is second to none and who has even formed

his own club - which we thoroughly recommend - the author of 

Traveling: 30 Years Around the Planet is certainly a very versatile, inspirational and daring adventurer!



Sascha, in 2016 you completed your last UN country in Somalia. Was this an aim for some time? Why?

How does it feel now? Did you celebrate?



Actually in the last nine years I visited only three new countries each year (with the exception

of my two-year Pacific stint), even though I was traveling eleven months of the year. I chose a

different approach, maybe also because I wasn't ready to look for a new goal after all those years

dedicated to this endeavor. Finally Jorge (Sanchez) encouraged me to get the last three under my

belt, and, spending longer than a month in two of those, I have had no regrets whatsoever since.

Somalia isn't the place where one could celebrate in a way we would think of the meaning of that

word .. you won't find any drinks there ...


You are a so-to-speak African expert. What fascinates you especially with this continent?



Africa .. see it to believe it! A French friend's father once told him not to visit Africa before he turned 40 ..

as otherwise he wouldn't want to look around anywhere else on the planet after that. When now almost

everywhere there are hordes of tourists roaming the streets, even nowadays you can be on your own and 

feel thus special when in Africa. Just yesterday it struck me that one must finally uncover MTP as the joke

it is, sorry to have to say that but true, when it comes to Africa. Imagine if one can get 'travel points' equal

to 50% of what is Africa 'valued at', for driving around all the different cantons of Switzerland in a single day!

What an excuse to let the sissy traveler in through the back door! Ridiculous! And more so that folks still,

after almost ten years, don't seem to have taken any offence with this 'situation'! Unbelievable! Again, I'm sorry

to have to emphasize this so much, but it's just such a glaringly obvious unfair weighing of different regions of

the world, and I feel very strongly about it these days.



You have your own website at but we notice it isn't much updated.

Who is it aimed at? Do you consider yourself a blogger?


I try as much as I can to have things updated WHEN I get the chance to do it, but foremost I am a traveler and don't mind leaving the face of the earth for months on end if an upcoming adventure requires that. The mantra of having to blog regularly in order to blog successfully is definitely lost on me I must admit. As I am a Getty photographer as well, maintain a youtube channel, have just published my first book and teach tennis around the world at times, while in general believing that staying away from a laptop as much as you can is the healthiest way you could possibly live, what you get (my output is) is a compromise according to these very different components I like to mix up my life with in order to escape boredom (my biggest fear, almost like it's Asterix & Obelix' only fear that heaven will fall onto their heads) eternally.




You are also a founder of your own travel club. Tell us something about it.


At I tried to find a way to balance the traveling styles of backpackers versus jet-setters, while at the same time not discrediting other clubs' (those existing then) divisions of the world. Of course flying saves time so overlanding will give you an extra point. But not only that: there is a huge difference between passing through a land border on your own, and landing somewhere on a flight where basically everything is taken care of for you, and you don't have to take a single traveling decision of your own, whereupon success or failure of the venture may depend on. One would have a point suggesting that I might have been more radical in my approach.


Tell us about some of the travel highlights that you will never forget.


I like situations when someone tells me it absolutely can't be done. It is right then when I start becoming excited about a project. Walking 250km through the jungle of Congo-Brazzaville from the border of the Central African Republic was such a trip, where the pygmees were delighted to exchange a single sachet of Nescafe against a delicious grilled monkey. I guess whatever a certain region provides in abundance! Walking a thousand kilometers through the other, larger, Congo-Kinshasa was equally memorable. Climbing Mont Blanc or Germany's highest mountain as the only one without any gear or even gloves was exciting also. Sitting and leaning against my backpack for 12 hours without moving while being watched by pairs of huge cat-eyes through one black night in the Costa Rican jungle. Being a day away from having my leg amputated in Samoa was another moment where calm, clear, sane and experienced decision-making was crucial for getting through to the other side of things.




What is the most important element of a place that your impression rests on? 


It is always the people and their way of life that make a place most special. That is why one should ideally always bring one's whole life when setting out on a new expedition. Many tell you: Oh, I have to come back here next time, I have to go there again! No! A place is special in your memory because you met this extraordinary person there. Then next time you go there, you have an expectation to make a comparable experience there. But because of this expectation you won't .. leaving you disappointed of the place. The other location .. where you never had this personal encounter in the first place .. may actually hold charms like that for you .. but you will never know because you aren't inclined to go back there! These dynamics make it clear that if you are having a good time somewhere, then stay there as long as it continues to be so, and if that means for the rest of your life!

Folks may think that always estimating the grass to be greener on the other side makes one a big traveler .. while the opposite is true: not missing a place but always enjoying the moment you are in right there and then rejuvenates your energy and keeps you thrilled and elated like on your very first journey.




You've obviously often got into trouble while travelling?


I was held a night in Guinea-Conakry when trying to cross into Sierra Leone overland. In Liberia a child soldier threatened to empty his Ak-47 into my belly unless I gave him 10$. In France four youngsters tried to rob my bag while night-hitching at a highway toll station. Their driver punched me a black eye while we both struggled for my bag, but the surprisingly present police still let them go. In Port-au-Prince, Haiti, I promised the local hotel owner to be back before 5am so that he could open the place that was locked from the outside with a huge padlock, me holding the key. I honored my part of the deal, even though I had met some chaps that night who invited me to their luxury lodgings. But six hours later next morning my backpack inside the hotel room had been slashed open with a knife and 200$ cash stolen!

I remember times in Africa when it seemed that every third night I had to resort to running at any one point in order to get out of a troublesome situation. It is absolutely incomprehensible to me how travelers here give interviews claiming they've managed to get to every country in the world without the slightest insalubrity ever happening to them!

Oh .. and I forgot: one time my arm was broken with a gun while getting robbed hitchhiking in Gabon, Central Africa.


So, do you have a home base? If yes, where? If no, don't you miss such a concept?


Home is where the heart is, right?! ..though easy said, it is a more demanding task to fulfill.


Now that you have finished the countries of the world, what are your remaining travel aims?


UN+ is universally accepted I guess, while starting from the Travelers Century Club list with some entries you can be of divided opinion regarding their value. If I get a chance to reach overland one of those countries that I haven't so far, then I'm always up for it. Have more time to go back to Africa now, and slow down travels in a way so that a longer-time relation is possible if one then encounters one. Last but not least: buy a huge hot-water bottle, hopefully get through the visa hassle, and finally give Russia the appropriate travel attention it deserves as the largest country on earth :)




Finally, if you could be granted one superpower, what would you wish it to be?


Righting the world's justice systems while avoiding another world war. Granting those people who focus on love and honesty a financially decent life, as opposed to only those who focus on money.



Letzte Aktualisierung ( Friday, 07 April 2017 )
Biografie Drucken
Geschrieben von Administrator & translated by Hadeel Tal (arabic), Takeshi Tajima (japanese), Eldar Ra (russian)   
Saturday, 17 November 2007

AntarktisSascha Grabow ist ein globaler Abenteurer, Reiseexperte, professioneller Fotograf (Getty Images, Amnesty International und Wikipedia Foto-Kampagnen), und der weltweit jüngste Herausforderer für den Titel "Meistgereiste Person des Planeten" ! Haben Sie schon einmal von der MTV-Serie 'Amazing Race' gehört? Das ist mehr oder weniger genau das, was Sascha in den letzten 25 Jahren 'beruflich' gemacht hat.

Sascha hat das Trampen mit circa 11 Jahren 'gelernt', da die Schulbusse nur selten den Umweg über sein Heimatdorf Abstatt nahmen. Später wurde er Tennisprofi, und in diesem Job lernt man schnell die anderen Dinge über das Reisen wie Visa-Besorgung, Impfungen und Flugbuchungen.

Im Juni 2016 hat Sascha Grabow das Reisen zu allen 193 offiziell gelisteten Ländern der Vereinten Nationen komplettiert, ausserdem war er auf über 1000 Inseln.

Er hat sich schon von Elefanten-, Krokodil-, Eisbär-, Robben-, Zebra-, Kudu-, Gemsbock-, Kamel-, Vogel-Strauß-, Affen-, Hunde-, Schlangen-, Kamel- und Walfischfleisch sowie Skorpionen, Schildkröten, Raupen und Kaktus ernährt.

Seine bisher längsten Reisen brachten ihn in 20 Monaten überland von Papua Neuguinea durch den Mittleren Osten und Afrika zurück nach Deutschland; und in 18 Monaten, teilweise beschäftigt als Turnier-Tenniscoach, durch 45 Länder auf vier Kontinenten. Seine erste Fotoausstellung - FACES / Afrikanische Urvölker - fand bis Ende Januar 2008 in Süddeutschland statt. In Sierra Leone hat er Flüchtlingskonvois zurück in ihre Dörfer im Hinterland geleitet, in Kalkutta in der ersten Mission Mutter Theresas mit behinderten und blinden Kindern gearbeitet, und Sterbende versorgt. Im Sommer 2009 hielt er sich im Indischen Ozean auf, um dann im September über Johannesburg nach Argentinien zu reisen und auf den Spuren Che Guevaras Patagonien zu erkunden, dann Anfang 2010 Galapagos und die Antarktis zu erleben, seinem nach 1995 ersten neuen und gleichzeitig letzten aller sieben besuchten Kontinente.

Bis heute hat Sascha als Reiseführer, Fitnesstrainer, Flugkurier, Fotograf, Motivationslehrer, Reiseleiter, Schauspieler/Statist  beim Film (Kairo), Schriftsteller, Abenteurer, Barmixer (Fuerteventura), Soldat, Seemann (Karibik), Fahrzeugüberführer (Richtung Kasachstan), Segler (Teil-Transatlantik), Englischlehrer (Usbekistan), Koordinator, Campverantwortlicher & Konvoiführer zur Flüchtlingsrückführung (Sierra Leone), Sozialarbeiter (Mission Mutter Theresa, Kalcutta), Koch (Faroer Inseln), Tellerwäscher im Krankenhaus, ATP Tennisprofi, Mitreisender Tenniscoach auf der Tour, Tennislehrer (Deutschland, Spanien, China, USA, Grenada), Animateur, Tänzer/Show/Theater, Skilehrer  (Schweiz & Österreich), Übersetzer und Türsteher/Einlasser (Dallas) gearbeitet.




Letzte Aktualisierung ( Saturday, 09 July 2016 )
Zu Fuss durch den Kongo Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow & translated by Dieter Grabow (german), Takeshi Tajima (japanese)   
Wednesday, 11 April 2012


In jedem anderen Land begrüßen einen die Leute mit "Hallo, wie geht´s?" oder so ähnlich.

                                                           Nicht so im Kongo. Dort kann es passieren, dass ein zufälliger Passant dich anspricht mit "Was hast du in deinem großen Rucksack ?"

Bürgerkrieg im Kongo


Am 7. Februar 2009 kam ich an in der Demokratischen Republik Kongo, auf einer gut ausgebauten Straße von Sambia her. Ein moslemischer Grenzwächter wollte 20 Dollar extra von mir haben, aber nachdem ich ihm erzählt hatte, dass ich nach Lusaka zurück- kehren würde, um mich dort in der Botschaft zu erkundigen, ob das erlaubt ist, ließ er seine Forderung fallen und mich passieren. Kurz darauf nahm mich jemand mit in einem Pajero Jeep, und innerhalb von zwei Stunden, auf einer hervorragenden Straße, waren wir schon in Lubumbashi, der zweitgrößten Stadt im Kongo und Hauptstadt der Provinz Katanga. Die Polizisten in ihren leuchtend gelb-blauen Uniformen, die überall am Straßenrand postiert waren, wollten nichts von uns wissen, sondern signalisierten "keinerlei Probleme - alles okay!"

In der Stadt gelang es mir, eine Unterkunft zu finden im Don Bosco Christian Center - sehr nette Leute findet man dort! und dort traf ich auch ein deutsch/rhodesisches Pärchen, das aus Simbabwe vertrieben war und dort Unterschlupf gefunden hatte. Ich nutzte die Gelegenheit, um mich auszuruhen und Kräfte zu sammeln für das, was noch kommen sollte. Ich blieb dort eine ganze Woche und bemühte mich zugleich, Informationen einzuholen und mich auf die Weise vorzubereiten auf die Reise ins Landesinnere - "ins Herz der Finsterniss", wie der Schriftsteller Joseph Conrad diese Reise genannt hat, die er in seiner bekannten Short Story beschreibt. Heute ist es zwar nicht mehr der Kongo aus den Anfangszeiten der Kolonialisierung mit all seinen Grausamkeiten und seinen undurchschaubaren Abhängigkeits- und Ausbeutungsverhältnissen. Die Sklaverei ist abgeschafft und die Kolonialherren sind vertrieben, aber das dumpfe Klima der Angst, der Bespitzelung und Verfolgung durch eine unberechenbare Polizei sind geblieben. Dazu kommt: Katanga ist das kommerzielle Zentrum des Landes, wo wertvolle Rohstoffe abgebaut werden, mit deren Förderung und Besitz glänzende Geschäfte gemacht werden können - offizielle, aber besonders auch geheime Geschäfte, von denen viele profitieren wollen, und an denen noch viel mehr Menschen leiden müssen - an den mörderischen Bedingungen beim Abbau dieser Bodenschätze wie an den mafiösen Strukturen bei ihrer Vermarktung - Verhältnisse, die durchaus noch Ähnlichkeit mit dem blut- rünstigen Ausbeutungssystem haben, das J.Conrad in seiner Erzählung beschreibt.

Mein Plan war, mich auf dem Landweg zum Oberlauf des Kongoflusses durchzu- schlagen und von dort mit dem Boot die Strecke bis nach Kisangani zurückzulegen mit einigen Überlandabschnitten zwischendrin, wo Stromschnellen zu umgehen waren). Bis Bukana am Kongofluß waren es ungefähr 500 km, aber mein Plan per Autostop dahin zu kommen erwies sich als undurchführbar - ganz einfach weil es dort keinen Autoverkehr gab! Im Durchschnitt war es wohl alle vier Tage (!), dass ein Auto vorbeifuhr (beziehungsweise, dass ich an einem Auto vorbeikam, einem Laster, der tief im Schlamm feststeckte, oder an Autos, die Motorschäden hatten), und so ergab es sich, dass Laufen auf den eigenen Beinen am Ende schneller war, als auf ein Auto zu warten. Ungefähr zehn Tage brauchte ich für die Strecke bis Bukana, wobei ich am Schluß sogar noch das Vergnügen hatte, die letzten 20 km mit einem Lastwagen mitgenommen zu werden, aber für meine Füße brachte das nur eine geringe Erleich- terung - sie waren mit der Zeit ziemlich ramponiert, und ich freute mich auf die Erholung auf dem Schiff, in das ich hier einsteigen wollte und das mich mit Motorkraft und sanftem Schaukeln ohne eigene Anstrengung bis nach Kongola, schon der halbe Weg nach Kisangani, bringen sollte.

Aber auch dieser Plan sollte sich als großer Irrtum erweisen! Auf der kurzen Strecke mit dem Laster hatte ich ein paar Leute kennengelernt, die auch die Absicht hatten, mit dem Boot den gleichen Weg zu machen. Also hatten wir uns verabredet, gemein- sam auf ein Boot zu steigen, und als am nächsten Morgen ein Boot ablegte, das ziemlich voller Menschen und damit recht überladen aussah, entschied ich, dass wir hier nicht mehr einsteigen, sondern auf "UNSER Boot" warten sollten - eins, welches am nächsten Morgen auslaufen sollte ...


Letzte Aktualisierung ( Monday, 11 July 2016 )
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Solomon - Tonga Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow, traduit par François Racine (french)   
Friday, 30 August 2013
Für diesen Inhalt steht leider keine Übersetzung zur Verfügung. Der Originaltext wird angezeigt.

Solo, third from left, arriving at Mata'Utu Harbor, Wallis & Futuna26th of August, departing on a 'cruise' to Wallis & Futuna where most passengers will be participating athletes at the 2013 Pacific Mini Games.

When boarding the ferry Otuanga Ofa at Nuku'alofa harbor, next to me there is a couple taking pictures. The slim woman has a beautiful smile, such as one rarely ever sees.

Next thing the man belonging to that woman by chance shares a cabin with me, and we start to talk:
His name is Solo (Solomon), he is 85 years old, has been married for 65 years to his wife of the same age (she has ONLY had 14 children), and unwittingly follows the Dalai Lama's advice to travel to at least one new place each year (in order to keep the mind young and alert).
His stated aim is to top the family record set by his great grandfather who lived to 111 (only a mere 26 years to go from now!!); this grandfather married HIS third wife, a girl in her twenties bearing him two kids, when HE was around 85!
Solo is a fisherman & farmer, was a teacher & police choir trombone instructor.
His life motto:
Keep everything you do in moderation. He occasionally smokes Marlboro.
He keeps a diary, records his family tree (back to around 500 A.D.), writes his life story down in a book and visits Wallis in order to unearth family roots put down there generations ago.


Letzte Aktualisierung ( Thursday, 26 September 2013 )
Überfall in Gabun Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow & translated by Renata Catiari (portuguese)   
Tuesday, 17 November 2009
Meine Schuhe nach Kilimandscharo, Trans-Kongo & Machu Picchu Inka Pfad !!        
"We don't know where the $3000 are going to, and how really ends your interrogation after your prison night in Liberia!"  ??????
"In the morning there are German and European embassy ambassadors present! Liberian authorities again let me write down a summary of my last 10 years or so, then compare it with the one done the previous night, two  in order to check if I'm lying or fabricating anything (and thus may be someone with reason to hide things, possibly a spy or mercenary). When comparing the two, they find no fault,  I'm being released! Back at the hotel, the bag is untouched, the money there!! All this was in August 2002.
Finally in February 2003, just across the border from Congo into Gabon, I had already found a place to stay for the night with a local family, I hear one more car approaching at around 8 pm, jump out from my bed, and stop the car on the road. It's a new pick-up with  a couple of men inside. They agree to take me further, I run back, get my backpack, say thanks to the family, and jump onto the back of the pick-up. He drives like a madman, and for three hours I feel like riding a jetski through big waves, holding myself & 'cruising' on the metal somersault frame. When they stop in the middle of the jungle for a pee, I already feel a bit strange and stand nearby, so they won't jump into the car, and leave WITH my bag but without me. At 1 am finally they stop and ask me where actually I want to go. I tell them 'To the coast, to Libreville, the Capital'. They 'invite' me to sit inside, while another one of the five has to be in the open back. When I look around, I can see that this guy has started to work my backpack open, that was still placed on the loading area. I tell them to stop, and that I'd prefer to be back there, and don't need a seat. Next thing they all pull out different handweapons: One tiny silvery thing, another with a double barrel, another a dark revolver, etc, etc! I'm really stunned.
I can't believe this is really happening: I'm getting attacked by five guys with guns, after hitchhiking with them hundreds of kilometers half the night through the jungle, they give me a couple of headwounds with the weapons & also break my arm near the wrist through a strong punch/hit with a gun, then take all my things out of my pockets, my backpack with 8 kodak-films, camera, and the remaining money I still had six months later, around 800$. I had jumped back onto their pick-up with my broken arm, when they tried to drive off, and the one guy on the back jumped down, probably afraid I might be armed myself, and fired his gun off whilst doing so.

Then they stopped the car again, and the leader pointed his gun to my thigh/upper leg, and threatened to shoot me into my leg if I continue resisting. I put my hands up, and they drive off with everything. For one moment I had considered pulling my pack with me into the ditch and bush, falling off about 2 meters at the side of the road, but they probably would have emptied/sent all their bullets into the bush and me, kind of like in the movie ¨Into the Blue" (Jessica Alba/Paul Walker).
I walked five km back to a village, knocked on all the doors, and all are so scared, seeing my face bloody all over, nobody opens. Finally some two girls open for me, then bring me to town center and police. I want to pursue them, but everybody is so scared, it seems they are the same guys that two days earlier took a minister's hotel hostage, reception and all, for 2 and 1/2 hours, and managed to get away with about 6000$. Then they killed a tax driver, and then finally, sunday night on the way home to the capital and coast, in the jungle, they find me, treat me as some additional booty/loot/cash/gain.
They were these kind of cindarella kids, like from american movies: If there's a roadblock, they´d just go full speed, either get killed themselves or just go on unstoppable; maybe too young to be really capable of overseeing their own actions.
A French-canadian NGO guy, who from that village also left that day towards the city, his contract had expired, at 4 am took the through-coming train and got me a ticket too, which I paid him back when I got an advance from my embassy once in Libreville. Then my mom sent me 800 Euro per Western Union for the cheapest oneway ticket home (to a northern Paris airport), 753 Euro, because once the local doctor confirmed my tennisarm was broken, I didn't want to take chances with the healing process.
The coincidentally present German embassy doctor had earlier failed to make that diagnose!! Axa insurance later refused to see this as an emergency, they wouldn't reimburse the ticket price, and from Paris I had to hitchhike in freezing weather, February, with only a red raincoat, and still with this huge wounds on my forhead, back to my hometown near Stuttgart, Germany."
Letzte Aktualisierung ( Saturday, 22 November 2014 )
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Sascha im Nachtcafe' Drucken
Geschrieben von SWR 3 Crew & Sascha Grabow / Edited by Sascha Grabow & Eddy Roy Balummel   
Thursday, 17 July 2008
Letzte Aktualisierung ( Sunday, 23 November 2014 )
A Future Kind Of Being Drucken
Geschrieben von Tatiana Verdaguer   
Sunday, 12 October 2014
Für diesen Inhalt steht leider keine Übersetzung zur Verfügung. Der Originaltext wird angezeigt.

The decrease of the collective and creative... a guy who travels around the globe with a single weapon, his imagination and ingenuity. A friend with knowledge of the strategies of the current economic warriors... a being of galaxies yet still unknown... his gravity floats as dust in expansion. Someone making me laugh because his brain knows no boundaries. Someone deeply human, for he knows and feels no distance between his self and the self of those others who wander about looking in a world that has lost its essence ...

Der Niedergang des kollektiven & kreativen... ein Kerl, der rund um den Globus wandert mit einer einzigen Waffe, seiner Phantasie und Einfallsreichtum. Ein Freund mit Wissen um die Strategien der aktuellen Wirtschafts-Krieger... ein Wesen von bis heute unbekannten Galaxien... dessen Schwerkraft wie Staub in Expansion schwebt. Jemand, der mich zum Lachen bringt, weil sein Hirn keine Grenzen kennt. Jemand zutiefst menschlich, da er keine Distanz kennt & fuehlt zwischen dem eigenen Selbst und dem Selbst von jenen anderen, die suchend in einer Welt umherwandeln, welche ihre Quintessenz verloren hat ...

El decrecimiento colectivo y creativo... un tipo que se pasea por todo el globo con un solo arma, su imaginacion e ingenio. Un amigo del cual aprender las estrategias del guerrero actual y economico... un ser de galaxias aun desconocidas... que gravita como polvo en expansion. Alguien que me hace reir porque su craneo no tiene limites. Alguien profundamente humano porque no sabe de distancias entre su yo y los yos ajenos que andan buscandose en un mundo extraviado por antonomasia ...

C’est la décroissance coléctive et créative… un gars qui se proméne par toute la surface terrestre avec deux seules armes: Son monde imaginaire et son genie… Un ami avec qui on apprend toutes les astuces du guérrier postmoderne et, en plus, un homme qui domine la langue des astronauts. Il proviens de galaxies encore unconnues… Il gravite comme si il était poussiére en fleuraison. Quelqu’un qui me fait rire parce que son crâne ne connaît pas de limites. Un homme profondémment humain parce qu’il n’a jamais goûté les distances entre sa personne et autrui, ce qui cherchent dans un monde égaré, par excellence ...

- Tatiana Verdaguer -



Letzte Aktualisierung ( Friday, 17 October 2014 )
Photo Session Drucken
Geschrieben von Various Photographers   
Thursday, 30 January 2014
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Letzte Aktualisierung ( Tuesday, 01 September 2015 )
Geschrieben von Administrator   
Friday, 17 October 2014
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 - Bezüglich Kontaktaufnahme versuchen Sie es bitte via facebook, da der Kontakt - Link auf dieser Page hier leider mit Spam überquillt. Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis!



Letzte Aktualisierung ( Wednesday, 11 February 2015 )
Planet Backpack Interview Drucken
Geschrieben von Planet Backpack & translated by Sascha Grabow   
Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Der meistgereiste Mann Deutschlands: Sascha Grabow im Interview

Conni Biesalski 10/12/2012
Der meistgereiste Mann Deutschlands: Sascha Grabow im Interview
Ein Rucksack, sehr wenig Geld, wandern, trampen, oft draußen schlafen, morgens aufwachen ohne eine Ahnung, was abends sein wird.

Das ist Sascha Grabow – der meistgereiste Mann Deutschlands.

Sascha Grabow ist ehemaliger Tennisprofi und bereist seit 25 Jahren die Welt. In mehr als 180 Ländern und auf 800 Inseln war er schon und er denkt auch nicht ans aufhören: Sein Ziel ist es alle Länder der Welt zu bereisen. Und das nicht einfach so:

Er zog mit Nomaden durch die Wüste, schlief in Afghanistan auf dem Dach eines Hauses nach Art der Einheimischen in einen schweren Teppich gerollt. Er lief nachts durch den Sudan, weil es tagsüber zu heiß war, immer in der Hoffnung, nicht auf Wolfsrudel zu treffen. Er ging zu Fuß durch den Kongo, nahm in Pickups neben erlegten Affen & Gürteltieren Platz, badete im 1,8 Grad kalten Wasser in der Antarktis. (Quelle)


Letzte Aktualisierung ( Wednesday, 25 December 2013 )
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World's Greatest Globetrotters Drucken
Geschrieben von Roman Bleck, Stefan Bohlayer & Sascha Grabow   
Monday, 17 September 2012
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          Please join us NOW @





Letzte Aktualisierung ( Thursday, 26 September 2013 )
Doha, Capital of Qatar Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow   
Wednesday, 23 January 2013
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Letzte Aktualisierung ( Wednesday, 23 January 2013 )
Die Zentralafrikanische Republik Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow & translated by Julien Millot (french)   
Monday, 22 September 2008

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When I arrived December 2002 at the border between Cameroon and the CAR, the christian missions had just finished evacuating their personnel since the security situation was rapidly deteriorating. I gave them some valuable films for safekeeping as they were being flown back to Germany. Next morning I crossed into the relatively unknown area, the one news I had was the CAR`s reputation for worst road blocks anywhere overlanding through Africa.

A combination of walking, hitchhiking, sitting on top of the load of some lorry, and mini buses got me through 25 army road blocks (of which I ended up paying `fees` fourteen times) and 600 kilometers in two days towards the Capital City Bangui. The place was in dire distress, every couple of months Libyan-sponsored troops tried to capture the christian-run Capital & Presidential Palace ... 


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Inside World's Highest Building Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow / Filmed by Sascha Grabow   
Thursday, 17 March 2011
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Letzte Aktualisierung ( Monday, 04 April 2011 )
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow   
Monday, 13 April 2015
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Dear Everyone refusing to be defined by either a certain religion or capitalism... I'm hearing that Crowd Funding is THE THING these days! So lets just give it a try! We'll be traveling the world, going to places were other people don't dare venturing, on a budget of 10€ per day, thus doing our part to increase understanding between the various races & tribes of this planet. ANY contribution is greatly appreciated, while easily done via our paypal facility @

PARTICIPATE & DONATE 4 Advocating-Peace-Between-The-Nations WORLD TOUR

Thanks SOOOOOOOO MUCH for helping us sow Peace around the World !!!

Wishing All of You Happy Travels Forever



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Gefängniswände Afrikas Drucken
Geschrieben von Allison Pearl Erickson, edited; translated by Takeshi Tajima (japanese), Julien Millot (french)   
Wednesday, 18 November 2009


                      Allison Pearl Erickson

          Ein Abenteuer von Diamanten, Frauen,

                   Gefahr und Ungewissheit.



Sierra Leone, das Land mit dem niedrigsten Wert auf dem Human Development Index, ist wo Sascha Grabow sich im April 2002 wiederfand. Arriving in Freetown, the country’s most populated city and capital at just over a million people, after getting there from Guinea via his usual overland traveling, he met a Dane commissioned by the Sierra Leonean government to excavate the harbor. The country is very-well known for its diamond mining and exporting, widespread knowledge of this most recently from the movie Blood Diamond. After becoming tennis buddies, they started to stay together. On one particular day, his host was approached by a girl who had in her possession a matchbox filled entirely with diamonds. Sascha, ever curious, stepped out onto the balcony in an attempt to observe the rare items, hoping to at least see them, and even more so to touch the jewels. She was selling them, said the whole box was for $5,000 U.S., and in Antwerp they could easily go for $20,000 ...


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Sensational World Cruise Offer Drucken
Geschrieben von Administrator   
Thursday, 12 February 2015
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Around The World – 1749€ – 31 Days 5 Star Cruise Included – Frankfurt Prague – Dubai – India – Goa – Ceylon – Singapore – Shanghai – Korea Japan – Russia – Canada – USA – Munich – April 2015 – 3 Flights Included ........................................................................................................................


World Cruise

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Country Info Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow   
Monday, 01 June 2009
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Country WisdomArgentina: Train here is cheaper than the bus, but doesn't cover all destinations. Visa-freeentry for Europeans for 3 months. In the end of September, Buenos Aires, Megacity of up to15 million inhabitants, can be still quite cold.


Brazil: Things have become pretty expensive, Salvador & Rio have security problems, Visa not needed for Europeans, although Americans pay quite a lot for it! Hitchhiking almost impossible, buses expensive, distances huge!!


Cameroon: Currency Franc CFA, 656=1€. Visa easy, but costs 50.000; get a 3-months, as it is the same price! Douala can be a bit dangerous, people may follow you around on the street. Limbe, Bamenda, Yaounde and climbing Mt Cameroon are recommended. Hotels Limbe from 4.000 (Paradise), Yaounde 7.000 (roundabout Nlongkak).


Comores, Indian Ocean: The Visa costs an outrageous 60€, even if you stay only 1 day (max 45)! Bring € cash, huge losses with $, currency is fixed @ 492 comoro francs to the €, people on the street usually convert @ 5000 per 10€. People are VERY friendly! Consists of 3 islands, Grand Comore (Capital Moroni), Anjuan & Moheli, plus Mayotte, which but belongs to France. Three nice beaches around Grand Comore, in the North & East. Boats between the islands w/o schedule once or twice a week for 25-30€, flights more regularly @ 42-60€. Problems with water & electricity. In 2006 they had a one-month-'civil war' with 80 soldiers dead, separatist attempt by Anjuan. The president's wife supposedly has a company that produces the speedboats that refugees use oneway all the time to escape to 60-mile-away Mayotte/France(Mayotte receives already 50% of all illegal immigrants of France!). Great business but crazy to think of it: The worse her husband runs the country, the more she makes profit!! When the Yemen Airways plane crashed, OF COURSE they claimed it must have been a typhoon (even though totally out of season), and they had a new reason to ask donatios from Europe. The country is very moslem, but their 'brothers' don't bother too muchin terms of investment etc. The location is just too isolated. A boat to Tanzania may cost 150€, be postponed for 3 weeks, may take 5 days & make you awfully seasick.


Congo DRC: Best place for Visa: Kigoma (same day 3-months-multiple-entry 100$). Best road in the country: Kisangani to Beni, 750km, in 24hours or less, with buses leaving in either direction on Tuesdays 7 am, 45$, company 'Les Enfants D'Abord'.


Equatorial Guinea: Currency Franc CFA, 656=1€. Visa at the moment only available in Libreville, Gabon, for 75.000 CFA (115€), Copy Passport, Letter from your Embassy and 2 Photos, may take 8 days to issue. Overland Entry possible through Ebebeyin (Cameroon or Gabon). Ship Djibhulo connects Bata and Capital Malabo (Bioko Island) twice a week, takes about 30 hours total, costs 12 (deck class) or 15.000; a faster boat, San Valentin, gets repaired in the wharf, and then supposedly is able to cover the distance in 7 hours. Flights are 45.000, almost daily. Hotels in Ebebeyin from 10.000, Bata (Alegria) & Malabo (Chana) 15.000; Clubs Candy, Buddha Bar, Bahia (all free) & Luna (5.000 cover charge).
Rio Muni (mainland): Ecofac (25 km South of Niefang) is by far the cheapest place worldwide to have a chance at seeing Gorillas in the wild. Problem here is the roadblock beyond the bridge just outside Niefang.
Bioko: If you fancy a tour around the island, then do it clockwise. Road blocks are more lenient on the Riaba side, and by the time you get to Luba junction, you tell the soldiers there that you just want to get back into Malabo town. Sipopo has a nice beach & bridge-connected island, Moca is a cold/European-climate mountain village, 10 km North of Luba is Arena Blanca, a pretty palm-fringed beach cum local village. You can always try to obtain a permit for climbing the country’s highest summit (about 3400 meters, supposedly a road goes up there), but considering that they half expect every traveler to be a spy or at least some kind of infiltrator, and their telecommunications system and heavy military presence being on that mountain, good luck with that …
Annobon: Flights twice a week, Mo & Fri, 82.500 from Malabo, 67.000 from Bata; the ship Djibhulo arrives there every 2 months or so. Only one Hotel, behind the airport, 50.000 plus 15.000 for any meal !! …otherwise it’s improvising. The main town Pale (or San Antonio del Norte) is connected by a path (starting just behind the hotel) to Santa Cruz village (about 2-3 hours of ups and downs), and another 40 minutes across a further pass to San Antonio del Sur, in the very South of the island, though that trail is a bit difficult to locate. Locals prefer using the Cayuca-one-tree-boats to get around.


France: Currency €. Paris, Cote d’Azur, the Alps, the Pyrenees, Corsica and Brittany are all very much advised to see. Skiing here is another unforgettable experience. 


Gabon: Currency 656 CFA=1€. Get your Visa in Yaounde, 4 days, 50.000 one month, 70.000 multiple entry, 80.000 3 months, 120.000 3 month multiple. Libreville is safe, has nice beaches, Maison Liberman 10.000 per night. Take the boat across to St Denis. Franceville has an interesting Ebola-Institute where you might see a Gorilla!

Madagascar: Visa for 1 month now free until December in an attempt to lure tourists back into the country after the February '09 'Revolution'. 1€=2760 Malgache Ariary (meaning 5x) = 13800 Franc Malgache (the old currency). In Capital Tana Hotel Lac, 2 blocks NE from abandoned railway station, for 10.000 Ariary (4€). In my 12 days there in 2009 they had an attack on buses between Majinga and Tana, killing three, a bomb blast in the radio station, and the new 'President' is a 34-year-old DJ choosen & installed by the army. Policemen can often be seen close to beautiful girls, planning tourist scams to strip you off some cash, as it may be there only income whatsoever.


Mali: Currency Franc CFA, 656=1€. Visa at the border for 15.000, then you got 1 week to extend it for free in Bamako, opposite Ghaddafi administrative village (East bridge), for a further 3 months. Hotels Bamako starting 7.000, Segou 2.000 (Catholic Mission, spacious & safe), Djenne 3.000, Mopti 4.000 (Pas de Probleme, swimming pool). Highlights Bandiagara Dogon and Peul, Tombouktou. Clubs Bamako Jet7, Byblos, Le Diplomate, ‘Hippodrome’.
For 5.000€ some Arabs will drive you in the fastest-type fuel injection 4x4 clandestine all the way across the Sahara from Tombouktou to Tamanrasset, Algeria, for a couple of days, and then back. No Visa, nothing. IF there would be trouble encountered on the way though, you can be almost sure you’d be on your own then, so this definitely isn’t for the fainthearted.


Mauretania: Currency Value about 400=1€. Get Visa in Rabat, Morocco, 32€ one month, 55€ two months, and note that it starts the day being issued. So if you fancy 3 more weeks to explore beautiful Southern Morocco, then plan ahead. Nouadhibou: the world’s longest train (iron ore), 2300meters long, starts from here every afternoon 3 pm, getting you into the interior. It’s about 12 hours to Oyoum (no lights on the train!), from where pick-ups go to Afar & Chinguetti. The Capital Nouakchott is about 2-3 hours from Rosso, at the Senegal River & border, where you may try your luck for the night at the Catholic Church.


Mauritius: It's a really beautiful place, you can stay up to three months without a visa, but they want to see your onward or return ticket, and your exact address plus tel number. They called me the day after my arrival to check if I was there & fine. You can find apartments here from 50-100 Euro per month!! If you state that you're selfemployed, the chance that you will be allowed to reside here is actually pretty good too. Grand Bay is the place to be on Friday & Saturday nights, especially Buddha Club.


Mexico: Currency 16 Peso=1€. Westerners are allowed in 3 months without a Visa. Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Baja Peninsula, Yucatan Pensinsula, Puerto Escondido, Zippolite, Oaxaca, Mayan Ruins, Chichicastenango and from there onwards to Antigua in Guatemala.

Morocco: Currency 12 Dirham=1€. Westerners enter without Visa for 3 months. Interesting entry points: Ceuta, Melilla or Tanger. Ferries can be taken from Algeciras, Malaga, Gibraltar or Almeria. The prices vary only slightly, around 30+€, and it is easier to hitch to Almeria (only 300km away from the Alicante highway), and then take an overnight ferry, in order to arrive your first day in Morocco/Africa in the morning rather than late evening. To see & do: Rabat, Casablanca, Fes, Meknes, Dunes of Merzouga (Beginning of the Sahara), Marrakech, Agadir, Essaouira, Atlas Mountains, Surfing at Dakhla.


Namibia: Chameleon Backpackers is the best place to stay in Windhoek, cosy dormbeds @ 8€ incl. nice buffet-breakfast, swimming pool, plasma DSTV, billiard.


La Réunion, Indian Ocean: The hike 'L'Ilet A Guillaume' has great views, though not for the fainthearted, as there's a sheer drop of about 500m just left of the path. You start @ km15 on the La Montagne Rd from St Denis, Village St Bernard, Rd curves right, you take a left into the woods. Going and back takes about 3-4 hours.


Rwanda: Entry Visa-free for Germans up to 3 months stay! In Kigali you can stay in the city centre @ Hotel Bellevill, at 10$ for a double room.


Spain: Currency €. Madrid, Barcelona, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Sevilla, Pilgrim Way of St James to Santiago de Compostela, ferries to Africa. Ryanair can get you there cheaply.


Tanzania: Visa 50$ OR 50€ for 3 months; if you go to Kenya OR Uganda in between, you can use the same visa again, it remains valid when re-entering Tanzania! A new road goes diagonally all the way from Dar Es Salaam to Rwanda! In Dar Es Salam the YWCA has dorms for 6$ including breakfast, open to men as well!


Uganda: Visa 50$ for 2 months single entry, stay can be extended (up to 6 months maximum, preferably at a smaller-town-office) for free! In Kampala, one of those capital cities where one doesn't mind spending a couple of weeks (people walking around at night, in a whole month I have never heard of a single incident), stay at Backpackers, Namirembe road; it's safe, green, spacious, dorm beds @ 4$, and you'll have ample communication opportunities!



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Digging around Angola Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow   
Saturday, 28 January 2012
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      The Mucubal - A Fascinating Tribe         












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Bungee - Vic Falls Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow / Filmed by Zimbabwe Bungee Crew / Edited by Eddy Roy Balummel   
Friday, 12 December 1997
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Travel By Freighter / Cargo Ship Drucken
Geschrieben von Chuck Bennett, edited by Sascha Grabow   
Wednesday, 11 May 2011
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On the Oceans

Continent to Continent on Freighter          
                                                                                                                                                                             By Chuck Bennett

Rose Bachman, a retired telephone operator from Houston, Tex., was on an around-the-world cruise when the cargo freighter she was sailing on was sold for scrap - in the middle of the voyage.

"They just sold the ship from under us," she said. Bachman and the other passengers were dropped off in Mombassa, Kenya. It wasn't all bad, Bachman said. "They put us up in a five-star hotel and gave us business-class plane tickets," she said. The travelers were also reimbursed for the two months they lost on their four-month cruise.

The cancellation did little to damper Bachman's enthusiasm for freighter travel. Over the past 10 years, the 73-year-old has spent more than a year at sea on cargo freighters. "It is absolutely the only way to travel," she said ...
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Ich organisiere Ihre Reise Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow & translated by Jorge Brandao (portuguese)   
Friday, 28 September 2012

Sei es Flug, Kreuzfahrt, Überlandreise, Zug oder Visum,Per SkiFahren

Ich finde DEN BESTEN PREIS für Sie !!


Bisher habe ich noch so gut wie jedes Angebot von der Konkurrenz unterbieten können, also testen Sie es einfach selbst !!

 WandernWeltweit bei einer wie-auch-immer ausgerichteten Tour stelle Ich Ihnen Ihre ganz persönlich abgestimmte Reise zusammen. Sie werden nicht glauben, zu welch günstigen Optionen man oft verreisen & ein bestimmtes Ziel/Reiseziel hautnah und authentisch erleben kann; dazu das Know-How der beeindruckendsten & schönsten Gebiete.

 Probieren Sie JETZT meinen Service aus!! Fliegen

Einfach Email mit den gewünschten Reisedaten schicken  ('Kontakt'-Link oben)

Per Wüstenschiff




ReitenMit dem Zug


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Death Train - Bolivia Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow & translated by Julien Millot (french), Jorge Sanchez (spanish)   
Friday, 30 October 2009
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I buy a train ticket in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, for the ´Death Train´ (according to the Lonely Planet guidebook) to the border with Brazil, run back to my hotel to catch my bag, all the while pouring with rain. When I arrive 5 to 12 back at the train station, totally soaked, the doors are already closed, the train starts moving, everybody is like: SOOORRY!! I take the underpath, on the other side is a 2-meter fence, and it would cause me too much attention to try climbing that thing with big backpack and all. I think feverishly, walk alongside the train, finally the fence has a hole, I sprint after the train into the track, shouts everywhere, a soldier stands on the rear platform. Nevertheless I hang on to it, pull myself up, though he tries to shove me back down. Finally I´m in, bleeding on my shin bone, and after explaining that I was with picture on the frontpage of their newspaper in 1995 for winning a tennismatch 7:6 in the third, they relax and provide me with a seat next to the most beautiful passenger they can find ... :-)



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Der Congo Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow   
Thursday, 04 September 2008

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As there is another checkpoint just outside the city, I had to leave Bangui, the Capital of the Central African Republic, on the fourtheenth of January, just one day before the expiry of my Visa. I'd had a great time with barbeque for christmas at the french ambassador's residence, new year's celebrated with rounds of gunshots from real kalashnikovs - about six to ten people each year don't make it through that party!!

I really didn't want to leave! See, I was staying in one compound with the prime minister, we had tennis court, swimming pool and our own cook in livery, waking us up and serving us with fresh coffee and omeletts in the morning; but the idea was to get past that checkpoint, and then speculate on the real border guards in the boarder triangle Cameroon - Congo - CAR not being able to read sufficiently to maintain any claim towards my passport Visa indeed being expired ...



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Le Mauricien - Voyageur, aventurier, citoyen du monde… Drucken
Geschrieben von Le Mauricien / Michele Anne Bundhooa   
Saturday, 05 September 2009
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Zambian Encounter

                                                                              Mauritius Times


Voyageur, aventurier, citoyen du monde…

Authentique passionné de voyages, Sascha Grabow, le plus jeune détenteur du titre de "Plus Grand Voyageur du Monde", est actuellement à Maurice pour quelques semaines. À ce jour, il a visité 181 pays et il ne lui en reste que 13 à parcourir et s'élever sur le classement du site où se concurrencent une centaine d'autres voyageurs.



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Liberia und Sierra Leone Abenteuer Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow & translated by Dieter Grabow (english)   
Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Trampen im Truck mit Soldaten in AfrikaIm April 2002 wohne ich in Freetown, der Hauptstadt Sierra Leones, bei einem Dänen, der für die Hafenausbauten von der Regierung angeheuert wurde. Eines Tages kommt ein Mädchen mit einer Streichholzschachtel voller Diamanten zu uns, die beiden unterhalten sich auf dem Balkon, und als ich dazukomme, um auch einmal einen Blick auf die wertvollen Steine zu erhaschen oder sie sogar anzufassen, sagt sie uns, für 5.000 $ US stünden sie zum Verkauf, in Antwerpen seien sie dann locker mal eben 20.000 $ wert.
Ende Juni schaue ich wieder mal bei der liberischen "Botschaft" vorbei, einem kleinen Raum mit Doppelstockbett und einem Reisekocher. Der Botschafter versichert mir zum wiederholten mal, dass es ganz gefahrlos sei, überland nach Monrovia zu reisen; letztendlich 'muss' er das aber sagen, weil er von den (zur Zeit spärlich) verkauften Visas seinen Lebensunterhalt bestreitet. Also frage ich ihn, ob es o.k. sei, dass ich ihm 35 $ US für das Visa gebe, das normalerweise 50 $ kostet. Er meint, ich könne doch nicht so mit ihm feilschen; trotzdem schlägt er dann aber doch ein, was bleibt ihm übrig?


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Wohin gehts als nächstes: Drucken
Geschrieben von Administrator   
Wednesday, 17 September 2008


              Xingu Tribe




               Moon ..any Sponsors?? :-)


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THE SPIEGEL - Bhutan or Bust Drucken
Geschrieben von Spiegel Magazine / Moises Mendoza, edited by Sascha Grabow   
Friday, 15 April 2011
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Ultra-Travelers Aim to Conquer the World

By Moises Mendoza

Photo Gallery: Visiting the World's Most Obscure Destinations
Sascha Grabow

Fancy a trip to Antarctica? How about a vacation on Nauru? Or is North Korea more your idea of a dream holiday? For those travel fanatics competing for the title of "world's most traveled person," such inaccessible places are must-see destinations, as part of the ever-growing list of the world's countries and territories.

Some people collect stamps; some collect countries.

320 countries and territories are listed by the Travelers' Century Club, an organization for people who have visited 100 or more countries. Membership costs 100 $ annually.

"Part of the traveling is bragging rights," says their chairman, who is based in California. "Part of it is just the love of travel. It's a thrilling thing."

But who is the world's most traveled person? It's impossible to know -- but that doesn't keep some travelers from laying claim to the title.

Differing definitions of the word "country" certainly don't help. The United Nations has 192 member states. The Travelers' Century Club, in contrast, includes 320 "countries" on its list. While the organization admits that some places are not actually independent countries in the conventional sense, it insists that all are "politically, ethnologically or geographically different." The list includes disputed territories such as Trans-Dniester in Moldova or Western Sahara in Africa, classifies dependent territories such as the US's Pacific island of Guam as separate "entities" and also regards Alaska as counting separately from the continental United States.

Meanwhile another organization considers the world to be made up of 872 places, including countries, territories and major states and provinces, among other locations. That list breaks things down even further. It has, for example, 18 separate places to check off in Germany, including the country's 16 states, the North Sea archipelago of Heligoland and the tiny exclave of Busingen in Switzerland.


Ultra-travelers (about 30 of whom are from Germany) who spend much of their time trying to get to far-flung lands like Nauru or Bhutan are loathe to say they're in a competition to visit the most countries.

But there's no doubt that their ranks are increasing. The Travelers' Century Club has seen a rapid increase in popularity over the last few years.


Expensive Hobby

It takes gumption, dedication and lots of hard work to be an ultra-traveler. But the biggest and most obvious challenge to visiting every single country is simple: money.

Others are lucky enough to have jobs that take them the world over. Work as an international tour guide helps to visit a lot of the Travelers' Century Club's countries.

Why does one keep doing it, despite being 70 years old and hearing regular complaints from one's wife? "It's in my blood," one traveler told SPIEGEL as he was getting ready to leave to escort a tour group through China and North Korea. "I get home, stay a few weeks and need to start traveling again."


The Thrill of the Unknown

Yet other travelers, like Spain's Jorge Sanchez -- who has a claim to being Europe's most traveled man -- need to find more creative ways to fund their adventures.

Sanchez, 53, spends about half the year washing dishes or working in hotels in touristy parts of his country. The rest of the time he's on the road. He's now planning his fifth round-the-world journey and a trip to obscure South Pacific Islands he hasn't seen yet.

Of course, there's an element of danger involved in ultra-traveling: Sascha Grabow, a former professional tennis player from Heilbronn in southwestern Germany, has been briefly detained by suspicious authorities in Congo and Liberia. On his website, he writes interesting anekdotes about his travel adventures. He also has had to talk his way past angry soldiers in Guinea and Kazakhstan.

But there's also the thrill of the unknown: the idea that the world is so vast and complex that there's always just one more place to visit.


'Many More Ways of Living'

For some, traveling becomes a passion -- some would say addiction -- that changes their entire outlook on the world and life itself.

Sascha says he's seen so many places over the years (about 606 of the 872) that his very concept of what it means to be German has changed.

"When you've lived in so many countries, it can be hard to see the German way. You see that there are many more ways of living your life," Grabow, 43, said in a telephone interview from Morocco, as he prepared for an excursion into Mauritania.

Rather than seeing it as a numbers game, Grabow stresses the philosophical aspects of traveling. "For me, it's not about collecting the most countries. It's about living life to the fullest and seeing and experiencing the whole world."



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Machu Picchu Inka Trail Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow   
Saturday, 28 November 2009
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Macho Picchu on the Trail !Just back from Machu Picchu! Dont tell anyone but I walked the trail in 24 hours, there are three passes, of which the highest reaches 4215 meters, had to jump a couple of fences, mostly at night, didn't have much food with me, at 1 am I encounter a lost dog, he begs me to get him out of this (labyrinth for him, always up and down), and finally, surprise, at 2 am I'm in the middle of Machu Picchu, no entrance gate at all.
I sleep under some rocks, together with the dog, giving each other warmth, and in the morning take some pics.
But then a guard sees me with my big backpack, asks me for either trail or entrance tickets, then transports me out through the huge (about 50 meters long, several consecutive checkpoints) gate at the lower end of Machu Picchu in a rather unfriendly way :-)

I guess my budget is still too low to be able to see what nature has to offer ...
My feet are in quite terrible a condition at the moment, the achilles ligament(?) can only take so many thousand altitude meters per day up & down (especially down is extremely strenuous), according to each individual's personal limit.

Today though I will have to walk one more time, back uphill on the train trecks, the lady from (tourist office) 'peru info' says that way it is legal. The Railway Company claims it would be 50-something kilometers (just too much to consider walking it, thus deterring potential walkers from attempting it!!), but in reality the track is about 35 km before you hit the road. To ask about 35 € for that train trip, albeit in Peru, has to be considered exeptionally dear/expensive.

I had an appointment with Shirley that day at 2pm, but when that morning the sun came out for the first time, I HAD to make a go for it!! I hope she understands, and please let her know my apologies.

Ps - Additional information:

Normally by now a 4-day-80-km Inka Trail trip costs 420 Dollars US, and for every tourist an average of 4 porters (for food, water, cooking/fire woods and tents) plus a guide trample the path!


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Rückkehr nach Gabon Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow   
Friday, 09 September 2011

Über achteinhalb Jahre später bin ich wieder in diesem Land, wo fünf bewaffnete Jungs mir mit dem Schiesseisen den Arm gebrochen und mir alles, Rucksack, Hosentascheninhalt etc, abgenommen haben. Kaname Saito, Japans meistgereiste Person, meint, "in ein solches Land, wo mir so etwas passiert ist, würde ich nie und nimmer wieder einreisen!" Aber vielleicht kann man gerade so ja seine Dämonen besiegen ...

Ich höre, jetzt in der Hauptstadt Libreville angekommen, dass das damals berüchtigte Banditen waren, die vor langer Zeit gefasst wurden; und seitdem ist es friedlich in Gabon!  ... was eigentlich Sinn machen würde für einen solch kleinen Staat mit nur 1,5 Millionen Einwohnern.

Ich werde versuchen, eine Gegenüberstellung im Gefängnis zu erreichen, um ihnen noch einmal in die Augen zu schauen (... und vielleicht noch meinen Rucksack samt Kodak-Filmen von damals wiederaufzuspüren??).

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Lebensweisheiten Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow   
Tuesday, 15 January 2008

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Please ANYBODY challenge this personal philosophy

& have yours published & debated thoroughly here !!




Is there still anybody left out there in Germany (or in any of the Western Countries

for that matter) willing to risk their lives & be vulnerable in order to Gain Life?



-  If you rely on the system, you can't really expect to be much happier than the

    bulk of people in it.


-  Do not allow extended periods of physical neglect: Your body is your temple!


-  Nothing in Life compares to the satisfaction of being allowed to be an original

    thinker & actor!

-  Big companies are breeding corporate robots. Do a job you don't necessarily

    want to do only if pay is good, it's for a limited period of time and you can stop

    any time you'd want to.

   Everything else is ultimately destructive to your health. Trying to get you

   into debt early in your life is the surest way they have to milk you to the point where 

   it's impossible to get anything else out of you.



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Sambaobab, Afro-Brazilian Samba Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow / Filmed by Sascha Grabow   
Saturday, 28 May 2011
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Antarctica Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow & Commentators   
Friday, 22 January 2010
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My experience getting last minute deals to Antarctica:


Usuaia Harbor, Tierra del Fuego (Feuerland), Argentina

I'm writing this from Ushuaia, Argentina, the main port for passenger cruises to Antarctica.
I have a spot held for me on the "Classic Antarctica" cruise by Quark expeditions for 4100.00 $ US. I believe this is the cheapest deal in town during this time of year. It was not advertised anywhere. While it is a discount for this particular boat, I'm not certain it's the cheapest you could pay for this itinerary. This is how I got what I got; hopefully others will be able to get as good or better deals having read this:

I came to Ushuaia without any reservations, assuming that I would be able to get a good price by waiting around for last minute openings. I'd been emailing one agency who had been insisting on $4900 as the best I could get, but I held out. I went to the first travel agency I saw and asked about Antarctica deals. They pointed me to the Antarctica tourist office near the port. I asked this office about last minute openings, telling them I'd heard rumors about a price that I made up on the spot ($ 4000 I think). They gave me a list of all the agencies in town, with their addresses, telephone numbers, and a chart of which agencies are contracted with which boats. They pointed me to one in particular that they'd heard had a $ 4400 opening. I went there but found them closed for lunch. I checked two other nearby places, who both tried to sell me the $ 4900 trip I'd heard about before. I found a third one that, when I fibbed again about hearing of a $ 4000 offer, magically came up with one, but it didn't leave until exactly a month later!! ...
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World Travelers Top 25 Drucken
Geschrieben von World Traveler   
Friday, 23 April 2010
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Rank    Name                      Home Base                                                           Year Born                  Visited      

1     Bill Altaffer                      (Carmel Valley, California, USA)                            1943                       815
1     Charles A Veley              (San Francisco, California, USA)                            1965                       815
3     Jorge Sanchez               (Hospitalet/Barcelona, Spain)                               1957                       766
4     Bart Hackley                  (Newport Beach, California, USA)                         1945                       712
5     Veikko Huhtala              (Helsinki, Finland)                                                   1946                        705
6     Larry Leventhal             (Brooklyn, New York, USA)                                   1935                        701
7     Robert Bonifas              (Aurora, Illinois, USA)                                            1936                        688
8     Alan K Hogenauer        (Los Angeles, California, USA)                               1941                        676
9     Wolfgang Stoephasius (München, Germany)                                              1941                       672
10   Oili Liutu                         (Helsinki, Finland)                                                   1940                       663
11   Donald M Parrish Jr       (Downers Grove, Illinois, USA)                             1944                       645
12   Roman Brühwiler          (Zuzwil, Switzerland)                                              1959                       638
13   Daniel Walker                (San Jose, Costa Rica)                                            1941                       627
14   Nuno Lobito                  (Caparica, Portugal)                                               1965                       618
15   Sascha Grabow             (Talheim, Germany)                                                1968                       606
16   Herbert Goebels           (Aachen, Germany)                                                 1938                       600
17   Kari-Matti Valtari          (Lahti, Finland)                                                         1953                      600
18   Veryan Allen                  (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)                                         1947                       599
19   Lee Abbamonte            (New York, New York, USA)                                  1978                        591
20   Stewart Sheppard        (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)               1939                        588
21   Bjarne Lund-Jensen     (Odense N, Denmark)                                            1948                        581
22   Paul G Hurwood           (Hereford, UK)                                                         1958                       578
23   Christine Kloner            (New York, New York, USA)                                   1941                      578
24   Carolyn Broadwell        (Napa, California, USA)                                           1931                       577
25   Hans Thulin                   (Taberg, Sweden)                                                   1938                       572





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Trans-Sahara Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow   
Friday, 06 May 2011
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Middle of March 2011 finally theMoonrise in the Sahara time has come. First I head North to Muenster for a couple of days, and giving an interview there for a local newspaper .

Next is France where Im meeting Tatiana in the Pyrenees, climbing mountains, bathing naked in hot springs and learning about planting your own veggies.

In the Barcelona area the police (4 guys) at 3.30 am break into a toilet where I am trying to catch some sleep, later wanting to charge me 20 € for the broken lock.

In Almeria I catch the ferry to Africa (Melilla), and the moment I arrive in Maroc (Nador) I start to relax, hitchhiking becomes much easier. I opt for a small detour towards Oujda and the Algerian border. Following morning I already reach the Mauretanian Embassy in Rabat where Visas can be had for 30€, pick-up next day.

I meet Cody, a young Canadian with rent-a-car and neglectable knowledge of french. He gives me a ride towards Agadir, and through the night I hitchhike the last 380 km, arriving at my friend Mohamed's place in Tan-Tan 5 am. It becomes really difficult to leave, but after two weeks, when the visa I just obtained is already halfway expired, by chance Paul, a German from Munich traveling on his own 4x4-Hilux-Camper equipped with two large beds, kitchen etc, stops over in town, and this is the sign for me to get moving again.

So we travel down through Western Sahara together, stop in Dakhla en route, and, entering Mauretania on the 18th of April, I take advantage of the fact that hitchhiking alone I could have never made it to the national park of Banc d'Arguin, and join him there for some days in complete peace and nature, the beach full of turtles.

Then I manage a lift with another camp guest, reach the Capital Nouakchott, concert in the Centre Culturel Francaise the very first night, and head back to Nouadhibou, 450 km North (riding with British/Malagan overlanders Adam & Sophie), to catch the world's longest train (~140 wagons of iron ore, 2300m long) through the night into the desert. The train doesn't have any light or electricity in its passenger compartment, and of the seats remain mostly only the hard plastic parts if at all. Thank god thievery isn't a problem n the train (yet?).

I spend some time in Atar and Chinguetti, the 7th most holy city of Islam, a place that recently has been declared inside the red zone by France (supposed to mean higher risk of being kidnapped by Al Quaida forces), then need to reach Rosso border as my visa is about to expire. Clement, the Nigerian priest there, is a princely host for a night, and, crossing the Senegal river I reach the country with the same name on the other side of the Sahara and its former capital Saint-Louis, a town that has seen better days but still located idyllic on an island behind a great sand bar.

Before arriving in Senegal's capital Dakar I spent two fantastic days in a +/- 30 people Fullah (Peul, Fulfulbe) family compound in Thies, 60 km to the East. The Peul are one of the largest tribes present in most of the Sahel zone countries, while Dakar itself is predominantly Wolof, another tribe known for their size and commercial skills.

On 3rd of May I am exactly 10 minutes in Dakar, headed for the supermarket to get myself the first cold drink in days, when Markus, ex-handball pro, fellow-German and based here to oversee construction of a fish factory, addresses me in front of the casher and invites me to simply stay with him!


To be continued ...



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Around The World Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow   
Tuesday, 08 February 2011
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With Himbas in Northern Namibia / Galapagos Tortoise / Hindu Girl in Mauritius / Cruising to South Georgia
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Wo ist Sascha ? Drucken
Geschrieben von Administrator   
Monday, 29 December 2008





January      15:  Angola

December  30:  Sao Tome

December  15:  Sao Tome

November  30:  Sao Tome

November  15:  Sao Tome

October      30:  Principe

October      15:  Annobon

September 30:  Bioko

September 15:  Rio Muni

August       30:  Gabon

August       15:  Cameroon

July            30:  Nigeria

July            15:  Niger

June           30:  Mali

June           15:  Mali

May            30:  Mali

May            15:  Mali

April           30:  Senegal

April           15:  Mauretania

December 30:  Hungary

December 15:  Mexico

November 30:  China

November 15:  Qatar

October     30:  Arab Emirates

October     15:  Bahrain

September30:  Kuwait

September15:  France

August      30:  Western Sahara

July           30:   Melilla

June          30:   Czech Republic

May           30:   Austria

April          30:   Helgoland

April          15:    Italy

March        30:   Spain

March        20:   Gibraltar

March        10:   Morocco

February   28:   Cape Verde

February   20:   Paraguay

February   10:   Antarctica

January     30:   Falkland

January     20:   Land of Fire

January     10:   Galapagos

December 30:   Venezuela

December 15:   Colombia

November 30:   Amazon

November 15:   Machu Picchu

October     30:   Brazil

October     15:   Bolivia

September30:   Argentina

September15:   South Africa

August      30 :   Rodrigues

August      15 :   Mauritius

July           30 :   La Réunion

July           15 :   Madagascar

June          30 :   Mayotte

June          15 :   Comores

May           30 :   Rwanda

May           15 :   DRC (Zaire) 

April          30 :   Uganda

April          15 :   South Sudan

March        30 :   DRC (Zaire)

March        15 :   DRC (Zaire)

February   28 :   DRC (Zaire)

February   15 :   DRC (Zaire)

January     30 :   Namibia

January     15 :   Namibia

December 30 :   Namibia

December 15 :   Namibia

November 30 :   Zambia

November 15 :   Burundi

October     30 :   Tanzania

October     15 :   Switzerland

September 30:   Holland

September 15:   Belgium

August        30:   Channel Islands

August        15:   England

July             30:   Shetland Islands

July             15:   Norway

June            30:   Faroer Islands

June            15:   Iceland

May             30:   Canada

May             15:   USA

April            30:   Puerto Rico

April            15:   Grenada

March          30:   Barbados

March          15:   St Lucia

February     29:   Martinique

February     15:   Dominica

January       30:   Guadeloupe

January       15:   Antigua

December   30:   Jamaica

December   15:   Madeira

November   30:   Maldives

November   15:   Malta

October       30:   Scotland

October       15:   Ireland







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Plädoyer zur Emigration Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow   
Wednesday, 06 October 2010


Plädoyer zur Emigration


(falls man seinen Partner

noch nicht gefunden hat!)


Wenn man von woanders herkommt,

dann ist man IMMER interessanter!


Das gilt für jede Person! Egal ob

weiß, schwarz, indisch, moslemisch!


Und zwar gerade eben, weil man einen anderen Background hat als alle anderen, die genau wie

Ihresgleichen (gleicher Kindergarten, gleiche Schule etc) aufgewachsen sind und aussehen. Das ist

spannend, belebt, und beleidigt sozusagen nicht die Intelligenz. Es ist, mit einem Wort, AUFREGEND!




Letzte Aktualisierung ( Monday, 01 November 2010 )
Morocco Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow & translated by Mohamed Oladib (arabic)   
Tuesday, 31 August 2010
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Hitching a ride through the night on a truck, Morocco

Dear friends,

paying tribute to my readers longing for an update on my travel stories, here we go! ENJOY:

Finally I am back in Africa! You can feel it instantly! Hitchhiking 300 km in Spain from Alicante to Almeria, after visiting Ibiza for a couple of days, there tenniscoaching and physically preparing a friend for an upcoming grasscourt tournament, it takes me full two days!! Then a ferry takes you across to Melilla, only meters away from Morocco. The moment you get into the first town, Nador, people are curious, friendly, engaging, it never takes more than 15 minutes to catch a ride, I am being invited to stay with Ibrahim in Casablanca, the one who gave me the last, very long ride down South from the northern coast. I meet his wife and his one-year-old son, we eat heartily at two a.m. what has been prepared for his return as it is Ramadan, meaning daytime fasting for 30 days is in accordance with the religion, with the rare exception valid for travelers (e.g. on foot), as well as pregnant women.

Next evening I continue South towards Agadir. You won't believe what happened to me:


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Sat 1 bei Sascha Zuhause Drucken
Geschrieben von Sat 1 Crew & Sascha Grabow   
Thursday, 24 June 2010
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Fotos zum Verkauf Drucken
Geschrieben von Administrator   
Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hier bietet Sascha seine professionelle Fotografie zum Verkauf an. Wählen Sie einfach eines der über Tausend Fotos in der Fotogalerie. Verschiedene Größen sind möglich, von 300 KB oder kleiner, 1 MB, 4 MB, 12 MB ​​oder sogar RAW-Datei, was etwa 57 MB TIFF-Datei entspricht. Dementsprechend unterscheiden sich die Preise, sowie bei besonderen Exklusivität-Wünschen für Ihr ausgewähltes Foto. Interessierte Kunden kontaktieren bitte den Fotografen per E-Mail (rechts oben) mit einer Beschreibung des/der gewünschten Fotos & vielleicht hinterlassen Sie bitte Ihre Telefonnummer, um die Details zu besprechen.


Meine Fotos können auch bei erworben werden.


Hier einige Referenzen:


Assala Lodge Gabun Paradies A

Assala Lodge Gabun Paradies B


Pazifische Spiele 2013 A

Pazifische Spiele 2013 B



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Antarctic Dive Drucken
Geschrieben von Sascha Grabow & Crew   
Monday, 08 February 2010
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