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Sascha Grabow

Sierra Leone & Liberia Adventures طباعة
الكاتب/ Sascha Grabow & translated by Dieter Grabow (english)   


Hitching a Ride on a Truck with Soldiers in AfricaIn April 2002 I live in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, with a Dane who was commisioned by the government in order to excavate the harbor. Some day a girl turns up with a matchbox full of diamonds. She is talking to my Danish host on the balcony, and when I come by, anxious to catch a glimpse of such precious stones or perhaps even to touch them, she tells us that they are on sale at the price of 5000 US$ - in Antwerp they would easily fetch a price of 20000 $.

End of June I turn up once again at the Liberian Embassy, a tiny room with a couple of bunk beds and a rice cooker. The ambassador declares time and again that there is no danger at all in travelling to Monrovia overland. After all he must say that because that´s what he is earning his living on: selling visas to tourists - a job which is not very profitable at the time being. So I ask him if it´s ok me giving him 35 $ for the visa which normally costs 50. "You can´t do that, bargaining & haggling with me like that", he says, but in the long run he agrees - what else is there to do for him ...



 ... After that - with the new visa in hand - I still have to wait for more than another week before I can get going because of incessant rain that keeps me from setting off. But I´m in a hurry since the last day of my 90 days´ permit for this country is coming to an end soon.

At last the sun is back shining. I stow away the 3000 $ cash, earned with an NGO involved in refugee repatriation, in the inside pocket of my sailing jacket, which I am carrying around with me since an attemted Atlantic crossing terminated at the Capverde Islands, and folded carefully I put it deep down at the bottom of my backpack.

On my way hitchhiking at the crossroads direction Kenema  I get a lift with an army truck. In the back on the loading area and bedded on food sacks, the 200 km trip on a bumpy potholed track is actually reasonably comfortable. At Kenema, in the extreme East of the country, I stay for the night with some young guys who in the evening proudly show me around in the village.

The next day, south of Kenema, the road runs along the Liberian border, passing an area dozing in rural remoteness and one of breathtaking beauty.
And not only the landscape is beautiful - a young woman, she has this very rare, incredibly full bosom, barebreasted and thus looking like one big muscle with the veins showing, is kneeling at the side of the road   and bending over her laundry...
Arriving at the wooden shed which marks the borderline between Sierra Leone and Liberia, my shoes are searched for hidden diamonds, but the 3000 remain undiscovered. When after another eight kilometers of walking in no man's land I reach the border bridge at last, there is a nice reception waiting for me:
Standing halfway between the bridge and a shed  is one of these typical child soldiers, about 15 years old, very unpredictable, a challenging look in his eyes, defiant and provocative, mostly in shorts and higher up with the typical outfit: either a Bazooka or an AK-47-Kalashnikov hanging over his shoulder.
I show my passport, handing it into the dark hole of the shed where it is stamped (a photographer, by the way, who published a photo of this same window won a first world prize with it, endowed with 10 000 $).
After that I try to get out of the frontier area as quickly as possible since the soldiers around look as if they were already racking their brains for ideas what they can do to me as soon as evening comes and darkness falls over the land. But getting away from here turns out to be rather difficult: Hitchhiking is almost impossible at the moment, with a traffic density of about one car every 30 minutes, and even these trying to do everything to avoid giving me a lift. When at last I get on a taxi together with four more passengers (at a price of 5 $ each for the 300 kms to Monrovia), I soon find out why: There are street barricades and roadblocks almost every twenty kilometers as rebels not long ago managed to push the front forward, occupied the main road and burnt down a whole village. As soon as the militias of President Charles Taylor, mostly stoned on drugs, see me - a white person - they wake up from their dull sleepiness and become especially curious, and in case I am not willing every time to let them search my backpack there will be penalty fees invented at random. They are particularly interested in my camera, fortunately enough I can keep it, but my fellow passengers are understandably not enthusiastic about these continuous delays caused by the 'white boy'.
Five o´clock in the afternoon, arriving at the main checkpoint at the big crossroads where the road from the north and the road from the central parts of the country join together, and nothing goes any more. I am being pulled out of the taxi, which goes on without me. One of the soldiers, there are about 15 of them, with a Kalashnikov pointed at me, demands bluntly: "Give me ten dollars and not any small shit, or else I´m going to pump some bullets into your stomach."
I complain to another one who is obviously the leader of this gang, although even younger, but clearly more intelligent than the other. I tell him to keep this fellow away from my body. After another searching ( and again missing to find the 3000 ) the leader tells me that there are so many barricades on the road between here and Monrovia that there is no chance for me to get through all that in a private car. Instead he advises me to wait for a special forces Toyota Landcruiser of theirs ( which in the evening brings new ammunition together with marijuana joints and 90 percent gin to make the kids forget their anxieties before they are being transported into the jungle in order to fight against the rebels and to keep them from proceeding to the main road in the night ). This car, on its way back, would take me along and bring me to the capital. As there is nothing better for me to do, I retire from the sun and lie down for a nap in the shed at the side of the road until the car comes back from the front. On my departure, in view of the decent treatment I had after all received from them, I offer them a single Dollar as tip, which however is declined gratefully and with a grin. Looks like nothing can impress these kids more than showing courage - a philosophy which is not without risk as you might well object and which I know very well myself.
In the special forces car we pass all road controls without having to stop, and still that evening the boys drop me at a cheap hotel (the room at 8 $ the night) in the city centre.
The following day, june 30th, the Football World Cup Final Germany versus Brazil is on, and I set off in search of a better hotel, where in the bar I can watch the match on TV. After the  0 : 2 - fiasco I return to my hotel, where I am addressed by a gentleman sitting next to the reception, strangely curious and dressed with this safari waistcoat, suspiciously well padded & upholstered. Two minutes later I ask him frankly: "Any chance that you are Intelligence or something of the kind?" - "You are not quite wrong in that", he says with a smile. "We simply want to check you before anybody else, a private army or anyone like that, could do so. So the best thing for you and your own safety is to come with me at once. It will only take a few hours." 
A white tourist in a country in which there are no tourists - that´s where many people in Africa become suspicious, because they think they can smell the mercenary, ready to fight undercover and for money.
I pay a short visit to my room, consider well what else to take with me besides my passport (the 3000 better not; nothing left to do but praying that it will still be there when I get back, in case they'll search my room & bag in my absence), and then off we go.
We drive  through the city from one government building to another, stop at the President's Palace, enter this and that Intelligence Office. I get a good insight into the paranoiac system of state security of Charles Taylor, which otherwise I would never have been able to obtain. According to rumours he had been arrested in the U.S. for the embezzlement of 900.000 $, then later managed to bribe the prison keeper there with 30.000 $ for his escape, and subsequently made his way to become President of Liberia.
Taylor - by the way - is said to be a passionate tennis player and fan (being as paranoid as he is - justifiedly probably as he became apprehended & arrested for The Hague War Crimes Tribunal less than a year after, while being on the run between Nigeria and the hills of Eastern Cameroon - he never gave me a chance to tell him or took the trouble to find out about my Ex-ATP-tennisplayer-status, and that we could have probably had some great match with subsequent infamous, debaucherous 'girl-filled' party in his palace :-).
When the clock strikes 5 p.m. and the person responsible still hasn't turned up, the key in the lock is suddenly being turned with the words: "Well, I'm afraid that's it for today. We cannot find the official in charge, so I´ll see you again tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock."    
This now really takes me by surprise: There I sit locked up, with no bed for the night, no blanket, nothing to eat or to drink either - so what can I do? My aim of crossing West Africa by land and thus pushing forward as far as Namibia where I hope to visit old friends - all that seems to disappear in a vapor of fog and incertitude ...

Then a boy turns up on the ground in front of the prison, about 9 years of age. Through the bars of the window I give him a sign to come over to me. "You must get me something to chew and some water", and, me supplying him with a few coins, he goes away to buy some food. After that I start inspecting my cell: There are two weak benches standing along the wall, like the ones you can find in a dressing-room cabin in bath houses or sports clubs, and the only other equipment is a curtain in front of the window of the outer wall. So I push the two benches together to form a plank bed, take off the curtain which I can use as a blanket, not necessarily for warmth, but as minimal protection against moskitoes and, as that, against malaria. According to circumstances, you sometimes have to be satisfied with little comfort, and when just afterwards also the boy returns with something edible for me, I feel quite happy after all.
As my principle is: Whatever people think they must do to you, obviously they just have to do it, and so there is no reason for me to be outraged or to be angry with them. I tell myself that I am only here to have these experiences in order to learn from them, to get a better understanding of human beings, the way they act and the reasons why they do so. That way human life is nothing but a collection of (more or less) exciting events.
Waking up the next morning ...

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Phillip Barnhoorn   | 87.166.92.xxx | 2008-09-23 20:20:09
Hi ... My name is Phillip and we met for a brief moment in the ferry terminal of St Vincent ... remember I'm from South Africa. We eventually sailed to Curacao ... I got off and am now on a boat heading for South Africa and then Indonesia.
This is the first time that I have the opportunity to visit your website and read about your
experiences ... terrific stuff! If You are in South Africa ... Mosselbay ... contact me for a place to stay. I also followed your advice and became part of this hosting club.
Sascha Grabow   | 79.235.195.xxx | 2008-10-02 19:13:02
Thanks for the invitation!!

It's an absolute pleasure to hear from you!
I see that you didn't spend too much time on
the South American Continent; too much hassle
over there, or has the travel bug & sailing
life already lured you back to sea?
I will stop by in South Africa at your place
one of these days.

makrem   | 41.231.8.xxx | 2015-04-27 16:35:03
Tina Picz   | 87.166.92.xxx | 2008-09-23 20:13:09
I am extremely impressed and amazed at just reading your travel story. I know there are many more to hear, and I hope to meet you soon so that I may have a glimpse of this incredible journey through life that you are on. It inspires and invigorates me to see someone living so fully and boldly with no boundaries or limits, who learns and grows in knowledge and wisdom through daily experience and interaction with our entire Global Community.
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The inclusion ratio generally is calculated based on a fraction, the numerator of which is the amount of GST exemption allocated to the transfer and the denominator is the property's fair market value (FMV) on the date it was transferred.
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There are only so many sports teams and mansions one can buy.
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By not selling an inexpensive iPad, Apple risked mediocre Android tablets grabbing enough share of the market to squeeze Apple out.
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Four Months.
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In the traditional capitalist economic model, goods are owned by individuals.
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Power of sale is typically faster than the judicial route.
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The Muntha gives favourable results during first half of the year, and unfavourable ones during second half of the year, if associated with Rahu.
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After hundreds of investment books, a couple thousand hours of CNBC and even some painful graduate finance courses, the mystery of corporate dividends has begun to slowly unravel but still presents some mystery.
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Part of me wants to go ahead and label myself an anxious mommy monkey and apply the study wholesale to myself: I conclude that I'm even screwing up my grandkids with all this anxiety.
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A living trust is your assets manager while you are alive.
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Samsung hasn't skimped on features either offering higher resolution screens (the S6 Edge has a screen that is curved at two edges), higher built-in memory, more battery efficient processors and a better camera compared to the Galaxy S5.
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On the other hand, given that the company's shares are trading at an approximately 13% discount to NAV and with average target price being at $80.3, which is a little lower than our NAV/Share estimate of 83.38, the current timing for an entry investment looks also quite good.
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The swissy (Usd/Chf 1.0315) had an important day of trading, in which it managed to break above both the 20 and above the 100-day moving averages.
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Both of the parting beads are also removed and replaced with brush pile seals.
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Election to Defer Compensation.
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I was not comfortable with this so I asked my prospect if he would be willing to give me a comparable amount of his product instead.
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Forced to shift its official competition involvement, Mercury signed "Dyno" Don Nicholson and "Fast Eddie" Schartman to campaign Cougar "funny cars" in NHRA events.
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Even if crude did not make such a move up for five more years, a new investor would still likely receive around 50% of the current market price of BPT in distributions by the end of 2017.
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Gould believes that birds of the same species are more brightly coloured under a clear atmosphere, than when living on islands or near the coast.
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[source: Urban Gardening Help].
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This article describes how to utilise the Network Time Protocol authentication features to authenticate time references when synchronizing clients to a NTP Server.
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Some green or red tapers or even some larger pillar candles on either side of your Christmas centerpiece will frame it nicely and give your table some added warmth.
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Thanks for the kind words Peter! I was definitely considering not writing any more submissions for SA, but you have at a minimum made me rethink that position.
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Because of its purpose, the engineers at Boston Dynamics haven yet completed a neck and head, which means PETMAN (Protection Ensemble Test Mannequin) has nothing on his shoulders but a blinking red light.
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- The private key can only decrypt what the corresponding public key has encrypted.
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Growing tomatoes is fairly easy and a lot of fun.
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There are various strategies that can be used with the algorithm, and the most traditional method is to conduct a fundamental analysis and then use the algorithm as a complement to your analysis.
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Send her a body pillow if she loves to snuggle.
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The industry is forced to cope with higher expectations from its investors.
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I think Apple's recent talks with Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA) and Time Warner Cable (NYSE:TWC) hints of a future hybrid streaming TV/gaming console.
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Chapman, as much as he wants, can't go back and stop the FTC et.
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He was devastating in the final series against the Twins, going 7-for-8 and playing stellar defense.
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Things are more complicated than that.
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After viewing a PRC audit report on DGW that substantiated their theses, MW claims that DGW replaced its audit report with a forged one that was less incriminating.
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The short, dense coat is black, yellow, or chocolate.
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In an effort to improve coal quality, Mongolian Mining Corp has invested in building a coal handling and preparation plant that will allow it to process and wash coal.
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You can turn the share feature off for any post you make.
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If you're stiff, inflexible and opinionated, you are hardly going to make a great secret shopper.
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[TSX: FRA], Duluth Metals Ltd.
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The timing and price of dividend re-investments, taxes, commissions and other factors may affect the values shown.
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handbag business to thrive once again in the future, given the ubiquitous and trendy nature of the largest competitor in that space.
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You will ask the child to swim face down in the water for seven seconds.
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His voice had the melodic tone of a snake charmer.
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The speed of the tape or digital playback should be set at a pace comfortable for typing.
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A significant portion of that company's production is hedged in 2015.
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The last time I formed up hamburger patties, I used brisket.
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Both used a basic 4.5-liter engine originally developed for the stillborn Porsche 989 luxury-sedan project.
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The business section of the papers is currently buzzing with all sorts of talk on "stagflation." But don't get caught up in the hype just yet unless you know what this could mean for your portfolio.
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A process map is an excellent tool to help break down a complicated process or procedure into clear visual steps.
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While bookkeeping can be a hassle, it should be viewed as a key component of your business.
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But having a Secretary of Defense who is weak on terror and an appeaser of evil regimes; and having made border-line anti-Semitic and truly homophobic comments is not someone we need representing us.
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A lot of investors, whether rightfully or wrongfully, were shaken out of their trees and the remarkable intraday recovery makes me suspect that stocks were being transferred from weaker hands.
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On an adjusted reverse-split basis, shares that closed December 31st, 2012 at $5.96 are now trading at $6.35 for only modest gains, although 52-week highs of 9.89 back in September did represent possible gains of 66% YTD.
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There are a lot of aromatherapy pack varieties.
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Pick up add-ons for your fridge like a roll out caddy - allows further compartmentalisation
on your shelves and also gives you access to all things stored in it, a tiered can carousel - much the same by giving access to all the cans, green bags for keeping your fruits and vegetables fresher, a Lazy Susan for the fridge, shelf liners to protect against drips/spills and roll-out refrigerator drawers which allow more compartmentalisation
and improved access
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He further stated that "We've never seen higher engagement on the MeetMe platform.
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This doesn't mean that 1.2x isn't a better workout than x.
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Harassment seems to be an ongoing problem within our everyday lives, especially when you're at work.
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All of which brings us back to the Fermi Paradox: If thousands of civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy, why haven't we detected them?Since Drake and Sagan made their estimates, astronomers have become more conservative.
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Lionel would like to give an additional 89.45% to the children as soon as possible.
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Due to the expected $1.62 annual dividend, a $16 Enduro stock price would provide income investors a 10% dividend yield.
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As they neared the end, each company raced to lay more tracks and claim more land.
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He or she uses radar to monitor the aircraft and must maintain safe distances between ascending aircraft.
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Alternatively, the Service has provided an election, in which the trust's value as of the first day of the month in which the notice will be filed can be used.
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Some question marks remain.
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Mellanox (NASDAQ:MLNX), a stock that we've previously written up as a short recommendation, announced disappointing Q4 2012 results yesterday and gave catastrophic Q1 2013 revenue guidance.
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And while I think Watsa is a more-than-great investor, I not as enamored of his insurance business.
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When the going gets tough, that's when you really need to step up.
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Also, the bottles on the rack should be ones that you intend to drink sometime soon.
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If the facts that are out there are not enough warning for you, or you don't care about yourself or others out there, then think about the things that can happen if that fun little trip doesn't kill you.
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Pay ranges vary per shop and experience.
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Descendants of the royal family of Thanjavur maintain the temple to this day.
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The elves in Norse mythology were beautiful human-sized beings with special powers who lived a semi-divine life.
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universities are said to start Musicology at Post graduate level.
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It really doesn't matter to her as long as she's in the spotlight.
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Clearly, the topmost question acne sufferers ask is, "what is the best method to get rid of acne and look a lot of beautiful?" Acne popularization, exactly is not a shady downside that will go in a very twinkle of an eye.
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Although the world economy is mixed, it's not worse than in previous years (with a few exceptions).
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A persistent long term decline in crude oil prices will have a negative impact on Canada's GDP.
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These days, that perception is being modifies.
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As we were in the hallway, I didn see my man (they had made him go to change clothes and clean off).
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"People get injured working out all the time, and it's not something to be looked at negatively," said Connor.
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Guys also fear rejection.
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You will build and plant." Jer 1:4-10 (GW) This verse, far from meaning that God knows us in the womb and purposes our existence is plainly about Jeremiah's call to be a prophet, note verse 5b and verse 10, these can only be applied to Jeremiah himself.
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I am fully supportive of service and committed to LGBT military families.
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You've been worrying for a long time, and it is your brain's fallback response.
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It is best to leave the photo for around 10 minutes to allow the ink to completely settle into the canvas paper.
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When shaving, do it an up and down motion.
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Where do your highest margin sales come from? - This metric may be for the executive team, but it is also a critical measurement.
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ETF PairTotal ReturnCAGRDDMSortino
DIA/TLT188.9110.71-16.890.65 SPY/TLT231.7512.19-17.710.74 QQQ/TLT243.8212.58-320.67 MDY/TLT463.8518.05-22.851.12 IWM/TLT399.0316.68-23.680.92The table shows that all indexes are not equal.
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A doctor won tell you to change your diet because doctors aren trained in nutrition.
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