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Sascha Grabow

Expedition Expenses Print
Written by Administrator, translated by Elise Walinga (dutch)   
Friday, 14 December 2007


As interesting and exciting as all this traveling sounds, seeing all the 7 continents can with some experience be done on a budget of about 2000 to 3000 $ per Year. This amount isn't easy to generate though, as traveling fulltime unfortunately pays Zero.

Sponsor Sascha and thus become Part of his Entourage in his Quest to Win the Race for the International Title 'Most Traveled Person of the Planet' for his Team!!

Everyone who Participates in Shouldering Part of the Costs of a New Expedition will be listed here with their Names & Amount if they wish so.

T-Shirts with the Sascha - Grabow - Logo are now available !!

Potential Sponsors & Advertising Partners please Contact the Author!


February '07:      Businessman, Georgia, 40 $

April '08:              Richard Hughes, National Tennis Coach of Grenada, 30 $ 

June '08:              Jose Torres, Venezuela & Florida, 20 $

June '08:              Lucian Lynch, St Lucia, 260 $

March '09:           Husein Ayad, Lebanon & DRC Congo, 30 $

January '10:        Lady Anonymous, 100 $

September '11:   Nassib Tarabay, Gabon & Lebanon, 65 $

February '12:       Paula & Betinho, Southern Angola, 20 $

April '14:              Fepuali Kitiseni, Tuvalu, 40 $

June '14:              Fiona Laeo, Nauru, 120 $

August '14:          Roland Schenke, Germany, 20

April '15:               Couple Anonymous, Turkey, 20$



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OMG, this is absolutely stnuning....WOW!!! Lucca is indeed a beautiful city, I've been there & can imagine what a wonderful setting it would make.The shot looking down on the tables with the mountains in the distance is just fabulous.Weddings......sigh! Why can't we have one every few years or so.....finances aside of course ;)
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