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Sascha Grabow

Machu Picchu Inka Trail Print
Written by Sascha Grabow   
Saturday, 28 November 2009



Macho Picchu on the Trail !Just back from Machu Picchu! Dont tell anyone but I walked the trail in 24 hours, there are three passes, of which the highest reaches 4215 meters, had to jump a couple of fences, mostly at night, didn't have much food with me, at 1 am I encounter a lost dog, he begs me to get him out of this (labyrinth for him, always up and down), and finally, surprise, at 2 am I'm in the middle of Machu Picchu, no entrance gate at all.
I sleep under some rocks, together with the dog, giving each other warmth, and in the morning take some pics.
But then a guard sees me with my big backpack, asks me for either trail or entrance tickets, then transports me out through the huge (about 50 meters long, several consecutive checkpoints) gate at the lower end of Machu Picchu in a rather unfriendly way :-)

I guess my budget is still too low to be able to see what nature has to offer ...
My feet are in quite terrible a condition at the moment, the achilles ligament(?) can only take so many thousand altitude meters per day up & down (especially down is extremely strenuous), according to each individual's personal limit.

Today though I will have to walk one more time, back uphill on the train trecks, the lady from (tourist office) 'peru info' says that way it is legal. The Railway Company claims it would be 50-something kilometers (just too much to consider walking it, thus deterring potential walkers from attempting it!!), but in reality the track is about 35 km before you hit the road. To ask about 35 € for that train trip, albeit in Peru, has to be considered exeptionally dear/expensive.

I had an appointment with Shirley that day at 2pm, but when that morning the sun came out for the first time, I HAD to make a go for it!! I hope she understands, and please let her know my apologies.

Ps - Additional information:

Normally by now a 4-day-80-km Inka Trail trip costs 420 Dollars US, and for every tourist an average of 4 porters (for food, water, cooking/fire woods and tents) plus a guide trample the path!


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