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Sascha Grabow

Antarctica Version imprimable
Écrit par Sascha Grabow & Commentators   
Pour cet texte n'existe aucune traduction. Ici nous montrons l'original.


My experience getting last minute deals to Antarctica:


Usuaia Harbor, Tierra del Fuego (Feuerland), Argentina

I'm writing this from Ushuaia, Argentina, the main port for passenger cruises to Antarctica.
I have a spot held for me on the "Classic Antarctica" cruise by Quark expeditions for 4100.00 $ US. I believe this is the cheapest deal in town during this time of year. It was not advertised anywhere. While it is a discount for this particular boat, I'm not certain it's the cheapest you could pay for this itinerary. This is how I got what I got; hopefully others will be able to get as good or better deals having read this:

I came to Ushuaia without any reservations, assuming that I would be able to get a good price by waiting around for last minute openings. I'd been emailing one agency who had been insisting on $4900 as the best I could get, but I held out. I went to the first travel agency I saw and asked about Antarctica deals. They pointed me to the Antarctica tourist office near the port. I asked this office about last minute openings, telling them I'd heard rumors about a price that I made up on the spot ($ 4000 I think). They gave me a list of all the agencies in town, with their addresses, telephone numbers, and a chart of which agencies are contracted with which boats. They pointed me to one in particular that they'd heard had a $ 4400 opening. I went there but found them closed for lunch. I checked two other nearby places, who both tried to sell me the $ 4900 trip I'd heard about before. I found a third one that, when I fibbed again about hearing of a $ 4000 offer, magically came up with one, but it didn't leave until exactly a month later!! ...


  ... Then the office I'd been referred to opened again; I came in and spoke on their phone to their Antarctica specialist, Alicia Petiet, who was working from home. When I asked about a 4400 $ offer, she said she might have it, but couldn't confirm it with the company, Quark, until noon the next day, but that if I gave her my credit card info and name, she could get me first on the list. Figuring I had found a deal, I accepted.


I came back noon the next day and she told me the company had pushed her back until 2 pm and, apologizing for all the trouble, asked if I would like to call her at 2 pm or come back to the office. I chose the latter and left.

I swung by another agency, Ashuana Viajes, and asked about their specials, just in case, and they got on the phone with Quark and I heard them talking about the same ship, and about the time they still needed before they would know for sure if it was available. When the agent hung up, I said I already had my name down for that ship with another agency. The agent asked how much I was paying there, and when I had told them, then she considered, and told me that this sounded a bit expensive. After fiddling with a calculator, she replied to me she could offer it for 4100 $, but that she wouldn't know for sure until Thursday. They were just about to close, so I asked if I could come back after lunch. I called Alicia, the agent who had agreed on with me for $ 4400, and left a message telling her about the offer of $ 4100, saying I still wanted to talk at 2 pm. I figured I might get a counter offer from her. I did, but only at the same price as before, though she was able to guarantee me a spot right then and there (the only way I won't get it would be if someone randomly decides to buy that exact spot at full price (where they could just as easily get a $ 4900 deal leaving a day later)).


Everyone I spoke to was quite helpful. I especially recommend talking to both Alicia (San Martin and Fadur streets) and the people at Ashuana just one block uphill. I hope this helps give people a better idea of what to expect when hunting for Antarctica deals in Ushuaia.


One quick thing to add is that Alicia told me that the cheapest trip to Antarctica she had sold last-minute was for $ 3,700, and that had been in November. November and March are the months when you can actually negotiate a cheaper deal.




Nicely written and useful information.                                        -  Traver, The Hitchhiker  -

What sort of berth are you talking about? Cheapest in quark web page today starts at $ 3.500+ 580 fuel surcharge in a triple bedroom for March 2/13 sail for Classic Antarctica 12-day-cruise with the Orlova.    >> Myself I had a twin room, 2 people occupancy, which may have been pure luck.

A quick note that even though it is possible to get much cheaper rates for Antarctica cruises by going down to Ushuaia without a booking, please understand that there's a good reason why only the November and March departures are more often discounted - in November it is just ice and snow and the penguin chicks haven't hatched. By March, it's cold all over again and most of the penguins have already left for the sea or, at best, are moulting (not a pretty sight). So only do this if you are not interested in the wildlife - which I personally found to be a surprising highlight of my own recent trip to Antarctica.
                                                                                                                    -  Penguin Blogspot  -

Bottom line: while you are getting a discount on the price, you are also running the risk of getting a discounted version of what you can see/do in Antarctica during the Nov/Mar months.

Thank you! You saved me from making a big mistake. I visited the NY Times Travel show about 2 weeks ago. I took some information from Hurtigruten because I am very keen to travel to Antarctica. They have a great deal right now where they will pay for your airfare (from NYC or Miami) and take 25% off the cost of a suite. That's a huge saving and I was very tempted, but the deal only applies to travel during their November and December cruises in 2009. The agent I spoke to said the only difference between traveling in November/December and January/February is that the January/February trips have warmer weather. She did not mention anything about a difference in the wildlife one will see (or not see!). Since the wildlife would certainly be a highlight for me, I will just have to save up for a January trip. Good looking out! Paz,
                                                                                                                                -  Catblue  -

... the only difference between traveling in November/December and January/February is that the January/February trips have warmer weather ... >> THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT TRUE !!!!!!
Happy travels,
                                                                                                                                  -  Leigh  -

If you can find a late December trip at a discount you should probably still consider it. It's just that my friend went in November and he told me (and pictures showed) that the baby penguins weren't hatched yet.

Just an opinion:
Usually antarctic weather on the peninsula could be quite bad and very unstable. January has better weather; anyway weather in Antarctica I still believe to be a bit of a lottery. That said, in January you have longer and warmer days, which is better (talking about longer, because then you can go on going/doing excursions), more fauna and less ice (which is also better cause you could risk to have a landing spoiled or a passage blocked). February is better for whales and way better to go further South because of less ice. Overall I think that like most things, most of the time, you get what you pay for. Anyway, no matter what, still it is a great trip, wishing all the best!  
                                                                                                                                 -  St Path  -

If you want good deals, look for some of the on-line travel agencies that specialize in cruises to Antarctica and the Arctic. They don't sell their own tours but sell other companies' trips and can help you find the best deals. They also know a lot about when to travel. I see a lot of posts here about what you can see at various travel times in Antarctica. The benefit of these companies are that they know all the various discounts and they are not going to only sell you one ship or one company, but help you find what works for you. Good luck!
                                                                                                                                  -  Swatman  -

I know it is not the quite the same type of cruise but we have just booked a 20-night Antartica cruise with one of the big cruise ships, going from Valparaiso, Chile, to Rio, Brazil, leaving 21st of December '09. You tour around the Antarctic Islands for 3 days and visit lots of other places. Costs around $1600 per person twin sharing.

    Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today!
     You may even enjoy it and have time to do it again!



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Search Rescue Task Force].
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Aerospace and Defense ETF (NYSEARCA:ITA) as well as the S 500 (NYSEARCA:SPY) .(click to enlarge)However, what's missing from this picture is the fact that, despite weak bottom-line performance, the company's core businesses actually posted fairly strong results in 2012.
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Foreigners had grown so apprehensive of the Thai capital controls and its ongoing battle with speculators that they were calling for their money back pronto.
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Scott Fishman answers questions about headache pain:Q: Are most headaches triggered by certain foods or drinks?A: The role of individual triggers in bringing on a headache depends in part on the type of headache.
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The lucky or prudent among them shifted to bonds, and held cash and cash equivalent securities.
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Business Skills Whether you're a salon/spa owner or not, exceptional marketing and sales skills are vital to achieving success.
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Besides radio, TV and print ads, companies use e-mail newsletters, text messaging, online ads and other tools to keep customers informed.
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That does not surprise me; it is pretty much drive by clinical data.
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These values are the same as for code 45330 , sigmoidoscopy, as failure to extend beyond the splenic flexure means that a sigmoidoscopy rather than a colonoscopy has been performed.
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I would wish in 2013 that I can practice and become better when using copics.
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You can actually have gum disease and not know it, which is why you should exercise gum disease prevention.
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It can also help with digestive problems, a common issue in children with autism.
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The JPY on this basis still looks expensive however the impact of a falling JPY vs.
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I also chose the stock as one of the 53 stock in my book Best Stock Now 2011 summer edition.
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Indeed, claims dived by a stellar 26% last week vs.
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That by itself may not mean much since book royalties are hardly exciting to talk about.
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Turtles and snakes that lived on land are the ancestors of sea turtles and sea snakes.
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Other critical factors include the importance of praise and recognition, and compensation each cited by 28% of those surveyed.
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They tried to convince General Smedley Butler that they would provide an army of 500,000 and unlimited funding.
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Consider and reconsider, con and con over again the advices and the instructions I gave thee before thy departure hence to thy government, and thou wilt see that in them, if thou dost follow them, thou hast a help at hand that will lighten for thee the troubles and difficulties that beset governors at every step.
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Transplants are rarely rejected because the cornea has no blood supply so antibodies and immune cells cannot reach it [source: Medline Plus]So exactly what is the cornea? It is our eye's outermost layer, the clear surface that covers the colored iris and the round pupil in a person's eye.
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In other words, those who drank Pepsi felt just as you would expect them to when sipping sugared water.
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There is a rightful humility and even a rightful fear in the presence of God.
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She is capable of severing out all my attachments and bondages which cause miseries both in private and public lives.
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It does not need the cash, its investors should get the pass-through value and it certainly does not want to pay the tax bill early.
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I think we can also count on Tesla expanding to another factory at some point, which will require a few dozen more robots.
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Fortunately, cancer is not always an incurable disease; many, many people in the world have survived such encounters.
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Establish the truth of God's existence.
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There are also reports that the Indian ambassador to Russia Dr S Radhakrishan was shown Bose in a prison cell in Siberia.
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Multiple models of neurological damage produced by strokes showed that MultiStem reduced the number of activated immune cells like T cells and macrophages and the resultant inflammatory action at the site of damage.
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You always need to opt for the safest way for carrying out any work and signing up well-trained man with van can ease your house moving task.
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You must make this first impression as good as it gets so that people will feel that their voice are being valued.
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You can try to carry it the traditional Japanese way-folding and storing it away.
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Attraction marketing is a simple, yet powerful idea that lets you capitalize the power of internet to generate an ongoing stream of new leads for your opportunity.
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If you're appliances are old, and you don't want to spend the money to replace them, you should look into some sort of home warranty insurance.
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Electrotactile stimulation is a higher-tech method of receiving somewhat similar (although more surprising) results, and it's based on the idea that the brain can interpret sensory information even if it's not provided via the "natural" channel.
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1995 Business Wire 14 Mar.
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If 5th house lord and house are strong and well disposed favorable results indicated for children.
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Less formally some poets use the form for play and relaxation; many use it to produce personalised and loving messages.
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But if all snails are as beautiful and as brightly colored as the Golden Apple Snail, I bet you'd rather keep them for pet than put them in the pot.
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A fictional account of the Holocaust, the novel veers back and forth, chapter by chapter, between 1942, when the French Nazis arrest young Sarah and her parents in a roundup of Parisian Jews, and sixty years later, when Julia Jarmond, an American journalist investigates the atrocity.
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That is something AT once offered new customers, but has since replaced with capped plans offering fixed amounts of data at $15 or $25 a month.
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If you are into headbands, particularly the stretchy ones that are coming back in fashion, then this article is just right for you.
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Over the long run, however, costs should tick upward as more steamflood wells get drilled (steamflooding is a more intense method of oil recovery).
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They may handle hundreds, even thousands of calls a day.
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Position your foot on the snowshoe.
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Once you are very sure that your child is ready for the potty training, introduce the potty chair to your child.
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Just because you can drive around your neighborhood doesn't mean you are ready to pass the test.
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When a rider pushes down one edge of the board, that edge pushes into the water, which pushes back up against the board.
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The new phone, iPhone 5, supports 4G networks, but there are no "wow" factors.
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However, the undoing of over-optimism rarely (never?) stops at "normal." New buyers, wary of a falling stock, want a bargain.
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In fact, globally, there are roughly 300 million people suffering from diabetes, and 90% of those cases are qualified as type II.
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Your devotees also will get salvation from birth death, rebirth cycle.
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They think Mayer should as soon as possible cut down 10 employees that she should lay off and then made it clear to people left that we are a start company and you are winners so you can enjoy unprecedented treatment free food free iPhone and better subsidies Author Resource:-> Lily wants to introduce some games to her classmates, but she knows less about these.
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Messages pass from neuron to neuron using chemical messengers called neurotransmitters.
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Good manners are needed in all jobs especially in cosmetology.
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Key cities often hold some of the most popular fine art trade shows such as ArtExpo Atlanta, Art Miami, International Art Expo New York, Boston International Fine Art Show, and others.
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Yahoo, the parent company, is the puzzle (especially in how quickly it lost its dominance in the United States, and why), with a mystery (its 35% stake in Yahoo Japan, which is prospering while the parent struggles) and an enigma (the 22.1% share of Alibaba).
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20, 2010.) To liberate hydrocarbons trapped in shale and other tight reservoir rocks, producers use two key innovations: horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing.
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There is no bid when retail starts selling, this has been a feature of most of the overvalued trusts during their declines.
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The primary and secondary facility may run in a totally synchronous mode, allowing switchover at a moment's notice.
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Even if you renting your ski boots, you want to make sure that they fit properly and snugly, otherwise your feet might start hurting and, perhaps more importantly, you won be performing at your best.
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This article gives you a few pointers and some information about how things work in most casinos and public poker rooms.
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No one wants to be the parent of a thug or a rebel without a cause.
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Plus, I found that if you try to get yourself to stop saying you probably just start saying it more often anyway.
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Further in regard to the net order share for the last ten years, Airbus has let behind Boeing in the race with 64% market share while Boeing is left with only 36% as of in the year 2009 whereas Boeing occupied 54% market share as compared to 46% by Airbus in 2000 (Ferreri, 2003).
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This 8K posted to the SEC and Yahoo Finance websites during after-market hours on Thursday, June 27.
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As much as possible, limit your words.
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