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Sascha Grabow

THE SPIEGEL - Bhutan or Bust Print
Written by Spiegel Magazine / Moises Mendoza, edited by Sascha Grabow   
Friday, 15 April 2011

Ultra-Travelers Aim to Conquer the World

By Moises Mendoza

Photo Gallery: Visiting the World's Most Obscure Destinations
Sascha Grabow

Fancy a trip to Antarctica? How about a vacation on Nauru? Or is North Korea more your idea of a dream holiday? For those travel fanatics competing for the title of "world's most traveled person," such inaccessible places are must-see destinations, as part of the ever-growing list of the world's countries and territories.

Some people collect stamps; some collect countries.

320 countries and territories are listed by the Travelers' Century Club, an organization for people who have visited 100 or more countries. Membership costs 100 $ annually.

"Part of the traveling is bragging rights," says their chairman, who is based in California. "Part of it is just the love of travel. It's a thrilling thing."

But who is the world's most traveled person? It's impossible to know -- but that doesn't keep some travelers from laying claim to the title.

Differing definitions of the word "country" certainly don't help. The United Nations has 192 member states. The Travelers' Century Club, in contrast, includes 320 "countries" on its list. While the organization admits that some places are not actually independent countries in the conventional sense, it insists that all are "politically, ethnologically or geographically different." The list includes disputed territories such as Trans-Dniester in Moldova or Western Sahara in Africa, classifies dependent territories such as the US's Pacific island of Guam as separate "entities" and also regards Alaska as counting separately from the continental United States.

Meanwhile another organization considers the world to be made up of 872 places, including countries, territories and major states and provinces, among other locations. That list breaks things down even further. It has, for example, 18 separate places to check off in Germany, including the country's 16 states, the North Sea archipelago of Heligoland and the tiny exclave of Busingen in Switzerland.


Ultra-travelers (about 30 of whom are from Germany) who spend much of their time trying to get to far-flung lands like Nauru or Bhutan are loathe to say they're in a competition to visit the most countries.

But there's no doubt that their ranks are increasing. The Travelers' Century Club has seen a rapid increase in popularity over the last few years.


Expensive Hobby

It takes gumption, dedication and lots of hard work to be an ultra-traveler. But the biggest and most obvious challenge to visiting every single country is simple: money.

Others are lucky enough to have jobs that take them the world over. Work as an international tour guide helps to visit a lot of the Travelers' Century Club's countries.

Why does one keep doing it, despite being 70 years old and hearing regular complaints from one's wife? "It's in my blood," one traveler told SPIEGEL as he was getting ready to leave to escort a tour group through China and North Korea. "I get home, stay a few weeks and need to start traveling again."


The Thrill of the Unknown

Yet other travelers, like Spain's Jorge Sanchez -- who has a claim to being Europe's most traveled man -- need to find more creative ways to fund their adventures.

Sanchez, 53, spends about half the year washing dishes or working in hotels in touristy parts of his country. The rest of the time he's on the road. He's now planning his fifth round-the-world journey and a trip to obscure South Pacific Islands he hasn't seen yet.

Of course, there's an element of danger involved in ultra-traveling: Sascha Grabow, a former professional tennis player from Heilbronn in southwestern Germany, has been briefly detained by suspicious authorities in Congo and Liberia. On his website, he writes interesting anekdotes about his travel adventures. He also has had to talk his way past angry soldiers in Guinea and Kazakhstan.

But there's also the thrill of the unknown: the idea that the world is so vast and complex that there's always just one more place to visit.


'Many More Ways of Living'

For some, traveling becomes a passion -- some would say addiction -- that changes their entire outlook on the world and life itself.

Sascha says he's seen so many places over the years (about 606 of the 872) that his very concept of what it means to be German has changed.

"When you've lived in so many countries, it can be hard to see the German way. You see that there are many more ways of living your life," Grabow, 43, said in a telephone interview from Morocco, as he prepared for an excursion into Mauritania.

Rather than seeing it as a numbers game, Grabow stresses the philosophical aspects of traveling. "For me, it's not about collecting the most countries. It's about living life to the fullest and seeing and experiencing the whole world."



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Writing and printing paper (WPP) manufacturers have reported high capacity utilization levels over the past five years on the back of high domestic paper demand.
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Or you can play submissive little wifey-poo hiding out in the kitchen, only to emerge occasionally to refill chips, salsa and beers for your man and his crew of screaming college buddies.
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It is the central component of the system and all actions spring from commands sent by the registry.
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Glee season 4 has its big Up episode coming up this week, and based on previews, Rachel and Finn aren going to be together when it ends.
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A clearinghouse whereby all new and renewal personal residential property insurance is reviewed for eligibility and placement in the private market was established in January 2014.
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Now you have to go out and buy a new ink cartridge for your printer.
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Timeless, sophisticated and refined! Black and White is one of the hottest and most classy color combinations dominating today's modern bedroom landscape.
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If a ball is hit to an outfielder's glove hand side, the outfielder should open up with his left or right foot depending on whether you are a righty or a lefty at a forty-five degree angle, and run with as little head movement as possible on the balls of his feet.
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Give the other guys the Sunday brunch shift where the walk with $45.
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Anadrol 50, popularly known as A Bombs or A 50 amongst bodybuilders, increases the appetite and the red blood cell count of the user.
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This rule means that within a community, 1% of users are dedicated to the community and frequently share their experiences with local businesses by publishing their opinions of a business and rating their experience 1 out of 5 stars.
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Did they see the red flags in advance? Did they simply want to play safe before the New Year holiday? Alternatively, did they know something we do not know?The best-known bullish academic, Professor Jeremy Siegel at University of Pennsylvania, said Dow could hit 20,000 in 2015 but would be harder to reach there.
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We also have to work two to three times as hard to achieve the same successes.
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Read books.
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This was the first time she hadn?Tt asked, and look what happened.
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(If you're not sure what a cultivar is, it is a variety of a plant developed from a natural species and maintained under cultivation.
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I use my garden hose to do this and if the algae is really stubborn, clean it again with the solution.
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The most common ones that are seen are signs (board), road lines, islands (division between opposite lanes of vehicles), and traffic lights.
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There are those made from plastic, stainless steel, fire clay or cast iron.
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Slip the point of the heart into the open top, making sure that it fits snugly before completing the fold.
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Wear this premium wool coat in the evening to make an eye-catching statement.
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When you see a term you don know, look it up right then.
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Las asociaciones de joint venture son un proceso continuo.
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In one growler I pitched a bit of EC-1118 commercial yeast.
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Microwave ovens use microwaves to heat food.
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Most businesses will be looking at a small baler in order to keep costs to a minimum.
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The balloons will be used to form the body of Elmo.
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There is a substantial amount of effort required to build a successful opt-in list.
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Partnering has fundamentally changed the way we do business.
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It was too late.
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But technology is always on the move, and the direction it seems to be going in has little to do with a paper trail.
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Therefore, the author cannot guarantee its accuracy.
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However, when it comes to more important near term changes in models or software or pricing, it follows a very secretive approach.
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Kir is a type of cocktail that originated from France.
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Since it is not a traditional store that one can visit, the customer acre department can make or break the reputation of the company.
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The Chinese believe that red is not only good luck, but a strong symbol of happiness.
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Nothing miraculous there folks.
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Problems arise when the ability to absorb insulin is interfered with, and that is the area in which some relief could be found with green tea.
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Your page may be in danger of being caught up in the "spam" net and tossed from a search engine's index, even though you have done nothing to deserve such harsh treatment.
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Several scientific tests have also proven that folic acid produce much healthier eggs, which might be extra likely to implant properly.
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Sometimes one person is racing through the light as it turns red and crashes into the back end of another vehicle.
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You should be given some choice in what your research paper will be about.
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This brand new library patron was so grateful he could not thank me enough.
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Reduce the unnecessary items in Startup to make it run faster.
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This represented a 2.
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