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Sascha Grabow

Plea for Emigration Print
Written by Sascha Grabow   
Wednesday, 06 October 2010


Plädoyer zur Emigration


(falls man seinen Partner

noch nicht gefunden hat!)


Wenn man von woanders herkommt,

dann ist man IMMER interessanter!


Das gilt für jede Person! Egal ob

weiß, schwarz, indisch, moslemisch!


Und zwar gerade eben, weil man einen anderen Background hat als alle anderen, die genau wie

Ihresgleichen (gleicher Kindergarten, gleiche Schule etc) aufgewachsen sind und aussehen. Das ist

spannend, belebt, und beleidigt sozusagen nicht die Intelligenz. Es ist, mit einem Wort, AUFREGEND!




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Monclaire   | | 2011-09-19 22:30:57
This your article is great! Thanks for your sharing it. I love it.

Nsamocki - Terrific opening. Lo     | | 2015-01-30 07:12:27
Terrific opening. Looks sarcpfieiully like it's set in the same background as your "Winning Peace" from Gardner Dozois' The New Space Opera. If so, I'll be looking forward to it: "Winning Peace" was not only a great story but also set in one of the most fascinating fictional universes that I've seen in some time, possibly even better than that of the Quiet War stories. Be even better if it leads to a novel...
Joriel - - I have mixed feeli     | | 2015-01-30 08:13:27
- I have mixed feelings too! Am so exceitd that you are both following your dreams and starting a great new adventure, but sad I have only just met you, as you are fab! My fault as I didn't pluck up the courage to reach out to you!I hope we will stay in contact and wish you all the very best in your move. xxNovember 3, 2012 5:36 pm
Matheus - I hope our populatio     | | 2015-01-30 10:19:20
I hope our population doesn't reach 450 moillin in the US.Sure, we were built upon immigration, but when do we have enough people here? Do we really want half a billion? A billion?Something has to change at some point.
Carlos - Well let me be the f     | | 2015-01-30 12:03:46
Well let me be the first to wish you an early Happy Birfday!! And the figure daigrnws are hot to say the least (perhaps u should use them as characters or at least inspiration for some later on)And no wonder u seem're only 28..well will be i'm an 81 baby myself.and alas i gave up on drawing as a kid my art was waaaay too uh..well, bad. lol. i had a penchant for overly muscled guys(they looked liked marshmellows) and women that looked like fashion designs ..but boy did they get it on lol and i was like 6 or 7( drawing dicks been a perv since birth) i've been rambling..perhaps I can write out a scenario for you to later illustrate(like that Caleb/Preston pairing? )
Komal - When one surrenders     | | 2015-01-31 08:49:39
When one surrenders Singapore ciiehinsztp one is given a form to fill in. This is supposedly to gauge the reasons for giving up ciiehinsztp.The staple ones are there children's education, job opportunities, etc. It is debatable however that such basic surveys will provide the real motivations for emigrating. If the government is serious about this outflow of talent it need look no further than the reasons why many of the bright young people that they try to persuade to take up government scholarships or to join the PAP have not responded postively. The PAP must do some real soul searching .it is no longer the political party that it was .because it has become a corporate organisation replete with all the capitalist traits. It has embraced in full monethism which ironically, one of its founding members S Rajaratnam criticised. It has become imperial and arrogant thinking that it has an eternal mandate from heaven to govern. It has also become petty and vindictive forgetting that it has...
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This is where the stock price relative to forward earnings and company book value come under scrutiny, as well as the stock price relative to earnings relative to earnings growth, known as the PEG ratio.
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Naturally, the airline industry is aware of this.
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The boring artwork and difficulty of many of this questions makes it hard for young kids to focus on it for too long.
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I agree with Kass on most of his bullish cases for the price of gold, except for his 'tail risk' theory.
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Soybean oil was the largest biodiesel feedstock during May 2013 with 416 million pounds consumed.
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Abelkop, Why the Government Should Drink Your Milkshake: The Case for Restructuring the Federal Gas Tax, 35 Iowa J.
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