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Sascha Grabow

Sascha im Nachtcafe' Print
Written by SWR 3 Crew & Sascha Grabow / Edited by Sascha Grabow & Eddy Roy Balummel   
Thursday, 17 July 2008
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Vaibhav - Can you see Santa ye     | | 2015-01-30 07:39:33
Can you see Santa yet Gracie?Hmm, those geese just made us realise we haven't seen any yet. There are seraevl hundred Canada Geese that live down on the marshes and they usually arrive by the middle of November. Some stay all year round and we haven't seen them either. Maybe the weather has been too cold and wet for them also!
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How fantastic! You all are doing a great job with Santa Watch for sure! You will have to start pulilng double shifts to watch for Clooney Claus too
Coral - Pour les lieux :- L     | | 2015-01-31 07:19:04
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