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Sascha Grabow

Death Train - Bolivia Print
Written by Sascha Grabow & translated by Julien Millot (french), Jorge Sanchez (spanish)   
Friday, 30 October 2009


I buy a train ticket in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, for the ´Death Train´ (according to the Lonely Planet guidebook) to the border with Brazil, run back to my hotel to catch my bag, all the while pouring with rain. When I arrive 5 to 12 back at the train station, totally soaked, the doors are already closed, the train starts moving, everybody is like: SOOORRY!! I take the underpath, on the other side is a 2-meter fence, and it would cause me too much attention to try climbing that thing with big backpack and all. I think feverishly, walk alongside the train, finally the fence has a hole, I sprint after the train into the track, shouts everywhere, a soldier stands on the rear platform. Nevertheless I hang on to it, pull myself up, though he tries to shove me back down. Finally I´m in, bleeding on my shin bone, and after explaining that I was with picture on the frontpage of their newspaper in 1995 for winning a tennismatch 7:6 in the third, they relax and provide me with a seat next to the most beautiful passenger they can find ... :-)



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Comparing expensive lipstick to cheap items, you tend to reapply cheap lipstick more often.
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Over half of the stocks tracked the S 500 very closely; it the performance of the other group that I will analyze more thoroughly.
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Not all sinks need four legs, as this depends on the size of the sink and what it is meant to be used for.
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One afternoon not long ago I was working the library reference desk when a man came up to me with a request.
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With $900M in debt outstanding and $204M of Equity, we get an Enterprise Value of $1.
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You'll make the rest of the trip using the jet packs mounted on your spacesuit.
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Wrought iron is considerably lighter than wood, and it is stronger and durable.
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While community-based medical cannabis dispensaries provide a cost-effective alternative to Health Canada's centralized monopoly for cultivation and distribution, the end-cost to patients still remains problematic.
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Even WLL acknowledged they wished their hedges were better for 2015.
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Public relations activities and networking tend to be most powerful in the preference and liking stage.
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