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Sascha Grabow

Letter to Frontier Patrol Print
Written by Sascha Grabow   
Wednesday, 12 May 2010
With this letter I managed to convince the two army posts at the Bolivian and Peruvian frontier, right in the heart of a narko-traffic area, to let me pass their border without passport stamps , encountering a puma coming my way:
                                                                                                                                                                                      Posto de Patrol
                                                                                                                                                                                      Frontiera, Alto Peru
El viajero Aleman, Sascha Grabow,
llegar aqui de Bolivia a las siete de la tarde, 25-11-09.
La mapa de el (google - Internet) indiqua que existen una calle directamente de Brasileia á Iberia/Puerto Maldonado de media distancia. Senor Grabow entra Bolivia de Brasil en la manana de 25-11-09. Despois el tiene suerte y hechardedo, y llegar a Extrema (frontiera Bolivia) a las seis y media de la tarde de mismo dia. La gente de frontiera bolivia dicen que no tienen un sello por el pasaporte, pero dicen que un sello de Cobija (mi sello de entrada cerca de Brasil) es sufficiente para sair. Pero ellos tambien dicen: "NO  RETORNO para aqui!!"
Aqui en el posto frontiera Peru nosotros tambien no tienen sellos de entrada por pasaporte, pero Senor Grabow no puede retornar, tambien es peligroso, son 88 KM á Cobija, el no tiene aqua ni cosa para comer.
Nosotros check/buscar toda su bolsa, el no llevar nada, es un viajero Aleman! Por esso nosotros enviar el por la proxima ciudad donde tiene una station / un officio de immigracion.
Con alto respeto,
                  la commandatura
                  del posto Alto Peru 
I wanted them to sign this paper (which they didn't), but the ultimate effect of it was that they ran out of arguments trying to send me the long way back, and finally just looked the other way when I, next morning after breakfast with the soldiers, shouldered my backpack and marched on into Peru & towards Machu Picchu!
Ps: When I arrived at immigration in the next big town the officer there got very angry & told me that the frontier guard would lose his job if he knew who it was (I quickly folded up the letter), and with that sent me back on the four-hour-ride to the official Peru/Brasil border. As the comfy evening bus towards Cusco left fifteen minutes later, I made up my mind to sort things out three weeks later when leaving the country via the Amazon river, and simply continued on my way.
Still I want potential imitators to know that being in a country unofficially for weeks makes one feel very vulnerable, and is to be avoided if at all possible!!
Last Updated ( Sunday, 16 May 2010 )
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